Ian Thompson - Recording Connection Graduate Success Story

Ian Thompson

“I started loving music at an early age my father was a “Radio and Television Man” for the U.S.A.F. We always seemed to have music playing, Lite Jazz Classical and even lite rock, so I think that’s where I developed a love of many types and styles of music. Both my parents played instruments and read music as well. I also remember sitting waiting for my father to finish work and he would tell a DJ to set me up with some music and I could sit for hours listening to Deep Purple, Clapton, and Aerosmith. I can still sit for hours with headphones on listening to music; just now I get to “Play with it” instead of just listen.

When it came time for my turn to create my demo, it was recorded in my mentors’ studio, with a local funk band. I have been continuing to go to my mentors’ studio since graduation, continuing my success within the music industry. I still work with him, assisting my mentor in engineering his new CD, which will be released shortly and is a great accomplishment. I have continued to master my controller and mixer, always reading about mics and new techniques in the industry.

Thank you goes out to the Recording Connection for helping me on my way to a new exciting part of my music career, where I can am now using what I have learned as a stepping stone and getting where I want to be doing, which is what I love.

I have been remixing songs for over 10 years now, but really decided it wasn’t too late and went for it. Recording Connection really helped. They introduced me to my mentor, a fantastic engineer and musician. I have since graduation the Recording Connection and never stop learning. Books, Videos, and magazines, anything about music. I have completely immersed myself in music and can’t wait to see what happens next.”


— Ian Thompson, Lahaina, Hawaii


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