Charles Buckley - Recording Connection Graduate Success Stories

Charles Buckley - Recording Connection Graduate Success Stories

“My name is Charles Barkley and I started playing music at an early age, playing bass in my school Jazz bands. As I progressed with my music, I started moving into the electronic genre, beginning to produce beats and original tracks using Ableton Live and Pro Tools equipment.

I recently moved to Colorado to pursue a career in the Recording Industry by enrolling in the Recording Connection, where I reported directly to the engineer at a prominent recording studio located in Colorado.

My time spent there was extremely well utilized and the Recording Connection really has really helped me get my foot in the door in the Recording Industry, as well as sharpened my overall skills.

I have made great friends and met very important clients during my time with The Recording Connection, building my networking database and gaining exposure to the recording industry professionals. I would recommend this program, and the mentorship opportunity, to anyone looking to get started in the music industry.

The Recording Connection really put me in the right direction to pursue a career in the music industry. When I first started looking around for options as to program I could join to get my foot in the door, I was looking at many different schools and programs, but none of them seemed right for me. However, I found the Recording Connection and I really admire the one-on-one lessons the Recording Connection provided me. The close one-on-one time spent with my mentor, and all the other mentors located all over the country, is key to a positive education, especially in a career field that requires a lot of “hands on” time, which includes the music industry. You can’t get that at other schools and I have graduated and now have been able to take my years of passion for music, and continue my growth within the music industry.

Currently, I work as an independent DJ, producer, and engineer in the greater Denver and Boulder area. I have spent time mixing and mastering for local bands and artists, and continue working with new artists and companies around the country.”

— Charles Buckley, Denver, CO

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