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Now he does live sound for Eminem, the Rolling Stones, Aretha Franklin, Black Eyed Peas and more.

Isn’t it time you looked into the Recording Connection?

If you’ve been to a LIVE CONCERT then you’ve seen the mixer at the board in the middle of the arena or stadium.

Well guess what: THIS COULD BE YOU!!!!!

Billy Flores on a Yamaha PM5D for Black Eyed Peas' world tour


TRAIN and LEARN how to mix live sound from Billy Flores

The LIVE SOUND Engineer for:

  • Eminem
  • The Black Eyed Peas
  • The Rolling Stones
  • Sting
  • Don Henley
  • BB King
  • Guns and Roses
  • And more!


That’s right, Recording Connection is proud to be teaming with one of the kings of the live mixing board – Billy Flores. You can now train for an exciting career that could take you around the globe, traveling with rock stars and that can pay you over a 100k per year!!!



How’d you like to train with top dog Billy Flores in a live music venue and learn everything you’ll need to become a LIVE SOUND ENGINEER?


Recording Connection’s all new course is being offered all over the U.S.. You will get to meet with Billy weekly and train under him as he shares with you all the tools of his trade. If accepted into this course you will not only know how to mix live music, but you will also learn how to be a:

  • Systems technician
  • a front of house engineer,
  • a monitor engineer,
  • patch a sound board
  • a sound engineer,
  • how to patch a stage
  • how to Mic up a live band
  • and a patch engineer!



are ALWAYS WORKING PROS REMEMBER, at Recording Connection your teachers/mentors are never “professors” or “instructors” who are NOT MAKING their living in the real world, all of our mentors/teachers are working professionals like Billy Flores. Before Billy made it, before he got to go out on the road with bands like Posion, Dave Matthews Band, and Motley Crue he was a student of the Recording Connection Mentor/Apprentice program, and now as a way to say “Thank You”, as a way to reach out to the future of LIVE SOUND MIXING, as a way to “give back and teach what he has mastered”, Billy has teamed up with us once again. Why us? Well let Billy tell you





So here’s the deal,



First off, forget about REGULAR SCHOOL!!!School (for a career in music) doesn’t work–just my opinion! But if you want to be a LIVE SOUND mixer, remixer, or any other technical JOB in music, then I wouldn’t waste my money on one of those over-priced engineering schools that charge 30, 40, 50, 60, 70…150k



Why? Because you don’t need to spend 30 grand to learn to do what I do.


Here’s what I did:

I signed up for the externship program through RECORDING CONNECTION. They set me up in a studio and once I finished the courses, I was hired at the same studio that taught me everything I needed to know.


If you want to get into the business, then do the program…IT WORKS!!! And now with this course I’m teaching, I get to teach what I know best. Nothing would make me happier then to train the next hard working student that will go out with the hottest bands of today and tomorrow!!!!!


Also, I’m not just going to teach you LIVE MIXING, when you leave this course you will have the know-how, the confidence and the ability (if you work hard and listen and are talented of course!!!! ) to get a job at just about any sound company on the planet and/ or concert venue.



At Recording Conection we don’t just get you trained by Industry pros, we hook you up with the people doing the hiring. Why??? So you can get a job of course!!!!



Also, I will hook each and every one of my students that graduate the course with at least one connection so as they can try and get a job at a sound company when they’re done.


And check this out: at the end of each semester, the best man/or woman WINS!!!! I’m gonna select one star student and he/she will not only get get the opportunity to work a real live gig with me behind the board, but I will also hook that student up with the connections so he/she can try and get himself a job working on the road with a major MAJOR tour!!!!!!!


LIVE SOUND MIXING with Billy Flores!!!! Courses starting NOW!!!! Fill out an application NOW, Click here or call 1 800 755-7597 to get more info!!!

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