Dallas, TX recording extern Ayaz Ismail releases Bollywood-style album with help from industry veteran Rick Rooney!

Ayaz Ismail, Dallas, TX

Learning on-the-job definitely has its advantages—for example, the opportunity to have a seasoned industry veteran help you produce your own music! Ayaz Ismail of Dallas, TX experienced this firsthand when his mentor, music industry veteran Rick Rooney at Planet Dallas, worked with Ismail to help record and release his own full-length Bollywood-style album!

Titled Is This Love, Ismail’s album features songs sung in Hindi, which have been in regular rotation in Ismail’s home country of India. “This album is very special to me as the journey and experience was amazing,” says Ismail. “I worked with some great musicians, a mixing and mastering engineer from India who mixes for Bollywood films, Grammy winners, and a well-known Bollywood singer.”

With over forty years of experience in professional audio, Rick Rooney worked with such notable artists as Reba, Tony Bennett, Diana Ross and Iggy Pop before opening Planet Dallas. Ayaz says his externship with Rick was a key ingredient in accomplishing this project. “This wouldn’t be possible without Rick’s incredible training and guidance,” he says.

Now graduated from the Recording Connection, Ismail has continued to record and mix his own material, and has been networking in Los Angeles with film producers looking for Bollywood-style music. You can find Ayaz Ismail’s music on iTunes or on his YouTube channel, www.youtube.com/ithinksound.

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