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Power of Relationships: Recording Connection student Dez Ward learns from a Grammy-winning mentor

One of the most powerful parts of the Recording Connection experience is the opportunity for students not only to make connections, but also to build ongoing relationships with their mentors. This has paid off big-time for Recording Connection student Dez Ward, whose relationship with his mentor (a Grammy-winning producer/engineer) has resulted in some amazing experiences. […]

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Recording Connection student Jones Nelson finds himself in the big leagues

When vocalist and blues guitarist Jones Nelson moved to Nashville to break into the music industry, he knew he needed two things: to polish his mixing skills and to get connected within the business. That’s why he enrolled in the Recording Connection. But little did he know at the time just where that opportunity would […]

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Recording Connection student Jordan Robertson: burgeoning music producer

Jordan Robertson of Baton Rouge, Louisiana has loved music as long as he can remember: “I bet I have music notes in my DNA,” he says. From an early age, he says, he was plucking out movie themes on the piano, and took an interest in producing music for film. As he came of age, […]

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Recording Connection student Coke Youngblood branches out!

Since he was a teenager, Coke Youngblood was serious about building a music industry career as a songwriter/producer—so serious, in fact, that when he came of age, he moved from Texas to Los Angeles, CA to pursue it. He started by getting his foot in the door in the licensing and marketing department at Interscope […]

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Recording Connection student Chingas Kemps: one step back, three steps forward

From a certain perspective, it seemed like Chingas Kempas was already on his way to a successful career as an audio engineer. Self-taught from his teenage years, he says he had worked a former hobby into making actual income in his own part-time professional studio in New Jersey, recording a string of local and regional […]

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Heather Crawford (“DJ Zienna”) takes it to the next level

By most accounts, Heather Crawford was already on her way to music industry success. A young, self-taught club DJ who gigged under the moniker “DJ Zienna,” at a fairly young age she’d already honed her skills and promoted herself to the point of spinning at a regular Hollywood residency, and even landed a few respectable […]

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Recording extern Orlando Gomez gets in on the ground floor

Not only does learning as an extern give you access to other professionals in the industry, but as Recording Connection student Orlando Gomez found out, it can also get you in the door of a ground-floor opportunity with an up-and-coming studio. When Orlando enrolled in the Recording Connection, his primary purpose was to get hired—so […]

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Recording Connection graduate Eric Gonzalez lands a job at a major studio!

Recording Connection graduate Eric Gonzalez offers key advice to other students who extern in today’s studios: “Once they’re done with the program, if they don’t happen to get a job at that studio they’re externing at, don’t stop,” he says. “Google studios. Send them emails. Because who knows? That one email can be that one […]

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In-studio training helps Charles Huston launch his career

From an early age, Chicago-based Recording Connection student Charles Huston knew he belonged in the recording studio. “My whole life I’ve kinda been a tech head…a gear luster,” he says. “My dad actually comes from the old L.A. record industry. My Dad’s been having me in and out of a few studios my whole life. […]

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Chris Litwin: From senior mechanic to studio owner

From outward appearances, you wouldn’t have expected Chris Litwin to build his own recording studio, let alone start a career as a recording producer/engineer. Living in Meriden, CT, the 45-year-old was established, making a comfortable living as a senior mechanic. But he also happened to be a lifelong musician, and about 12 years ago, he […]

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Singer/Songwriter Lindsey Kappa adds music engineering to her skills

“I knew when I was 14 that being a musician wasn’t always a guarantee,” says Recording Connection extern Lindsey Kappa.. “So I ended up going to a concert for my cousin’s band, and after the show, he recommended, ‘Hey, why don’t you check out sound while you start trying to pursue your music career?’” It […]

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Recording Connection graduate Devin Zorn: developing a “signature” sound

Spend a few minutes talking with Recording Connection graduate Devin Zorn, and it’s apparent that he’s got some very specific opinions about sound and audio in the music he records and mixes. Take, for example, his own band The Q, which he describes as “if Pink Floyd made a dance album.” The band’s sound is […]

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Two Recording Connection students form a “Clever Empire”

Tanner Bjorklund (“T-Strix”) was a gifted teenage rap artist who attended the Recording Connection because he wanted to try and record his own music. After graduating, he had the skills he needed, but as an artist, he still found it challenging to be both in front of the board and behind it. Rodolfo Lopez (“R-Lo”) […]

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Recording Connection graduate Mike Messina: Guided by Passion and Opportunity

“I’ve honestly been interested in sound since I was like five years old,” says Mike Messina. “I just screw around with sound effects and music—sound effects from movies, video games, animation—I’ve been doing that most of my life…I’d put a sign on my [bedroom] door saying, “Recording session in progress, do not disturb.’” Looking for […]

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Jake Kiyokane lands paid gigs at his mentor's studio!

Externing at Serenity West Recording in Los Angeles, Recording Connection master’s program student Jake Kiyokane has learned an important secret to breaking into the recording industry: be available as much as possible, even beyond the lessons. “I started just putting myself out there more a little bit,” he says, “just hitting them up more, like, […]

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Recording Connection graduate Garrett Pace: HIRED!

Never presume. This is one of the biggest lessons to take away from the story of Recording Connection grad Garrett Pace, because at first glance he seemed the most unlikely student to get hired by his mentor. Classically trained as a singer and multi-instrumentalist, Garrett held a bachelor’s degree in music and seemed poised to […]

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Recording Connection Extern lands Job at Mentor's Studio in Corpus Christie, TX

Perhaps nothing is a better birthday present for any aspiring audio engineer than a job offer and that’s exactly what Jacob Keithley of Corpus Christi, TX, got just days before turning 22! While some externs start Recording Connection knowing exactly what they want to do and which areas they want to focus on, others like […]

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Recording Connection Graduate Sebastian Lefeld Works with Santana, Shawn Mendes!

“Whenever I take a break,” says Recording Connection graduate Sebastian Lefeld, “I’m always thinking there’s someone else out there who’s doing what I do who’s not taking a break, and I get back to work.” It’s this very work ethic that not only helped Sebastian make the most of his Recording Connection externship, but also […]

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Thomas Dante: From Extern to Paid Staff Engineer in Houston!

It’s something we tell all our students: when you extern in a real recording studio with a mentor, you’re not only learning audio engineering—you’re auditioning for a job. Impress your mentor, and he might just hire you! That’s exactly how Thomas Dante played it, which is how he landed an ongoing job in Houston, Texas […]

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Recording Connection Student Opens Recording Studio in Nashville!

When John Curtis signed up to extern with Ric Web at South Studios, little did he know that within less than a year, he’d be running a recording studio of his own but that’s exactly what happened. Getting into a real studio and learning the craft was dream come true for John who, in his […]

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Taylor Crommie, Los Angeles, CA

Talk to any famous musician, producer or audio engineer and ask them what they have to say about learning, about growing creatively and technically and chances are, they’ll all tell you, learning is a lifelong pursuit. The people who make it are always growing, always gaining exposure to as many sounds and musical worlds as […]

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Recording graduate Alex Arnold quits job, launches career!

Sometimes, you have to close one door before another one opens. And sometimes the connections you make now will come back to help you in the future! Recording Connection graduate Alex Arnold learned this firsthand when his former Recording Connection mentor called him up a year later with a job offer—a job that enabled Alex […]

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Nacor Zuluaga Beats the Odds at New York City's Engine Room Audio

Despite a language barrier that would have deterred some people, Recording Connection extern Nacor Zuluaga’s commitment to the craft of audio engineering not only gained the trust of his mentor, master engineer Mark Christensen, but also landed him a job working with his mentor long past his externship! Nacor was slated to start audio engineering […]

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Dallas, TX recording extern Ayaz Ismail releases Bollywood-style album with help from industry veteran Rick Rooney!

Learning on-the-job definitely has its advantages—for example, the opportunity to have a seasoned industry veteran help you produce your own music! Ayaz Ismail of Dallas, TX experienced this firsthand when his mentor, music industry veteran Rick Rooney at Planet Dallas, worked with Ismail to help record and release his own full-length Bollywood-style album! Titled Is […]

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Living in the Moment

Clint Badal is a recent graduate of the Recording Engineering program at the Recording Connection. Clint has stated that his mentor was not only very professional, but also that he really knows his stuff and wants his externs to be as knowledgeable as he is about audio engineering. In their workshops together, Clint’s mentor devoted […]

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Recording Connection Student Opens "Blue Creek Productions"

Dustin Bannister is a Recording engineer from about an hour and half from St. Louis, Missouri in a town called Patton. While still enrolled in the Recording Connection Program Dustin successfully opened his own studio called “Blue Creek Productions” in March 2013. During his time at the studio, Dustin had the awesome opportunity to work […]

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Mentor: Matt Stein, Brooklyn, NY

One on One: A Formula for Success Matt Stein is no stranger to success in the recording industry. In 2005, he was nominated for a Grammy award and has overseen Swan7 studio, which he founded and was recently featured in “L Magazine.” In addition to his years of experience in production and mixing, he has […]

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My TIme with Uncle J - Brandon Skylar

by Brandon Skylar, Bethlehem, PA The Recording Connection has taught me a few things. One, I didn’t know jack about audio before I attended. (No pun intended). Two, workers in the entertainment business are some of the most hospitable people I’ve ever met and finally, three, If you apply yourself and take every opportunity that […]

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Richard Sawchuk Finds Success After Graduating from the Recording Connection

I grew up with music. My father was a square dance caller and my older brother was very active as a keyboard player and vocalist. I took 4 years of Royal Conservatory piano and theory when I was quite young and went on to drumming at age 10. My brother, David, went on to audio […]

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John Digiacomo - Recording Connection Graduate Success Story

“When I first came to the Recording Connection I had some experience in recording, mixing, and producing but my skills just weren’t where they needed to be. One day I was on Google and was looking at recording schools and I found The Recording Connection. After reading into the program i decided this was the […]

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Jesse Rothman - Recording Connection Graduate Success Story

“I have been a drummer and a writer all of my life, and I used to act, so I love performing and singing as well. I had grown up playing and making music with so many friends from home, so I have always been comfortable in a studio, back/on-stage, or in a collaborative, constructive and […]

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Jason Guzman - Recording Connection Graduate Success Story

“When I first decided to make a real transition into the music business, I was 22 years old. I had graduated from college, and was studying in graduate school to become a teacher. I had been teaching myself the piano since the beginning of my senior year of high school, and was constantly thinking I […]

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Ian Thompson - Recording Connection Graduate Success Story

“I started loving music at an early age my father was a “Radio and Television Man” for the U.S.A.F. We always seemed to have music playing, Lite Jazz Classical and even lite rock, so I think that’s where I developed a love of many types and styles of music. Both my parents played instruments and […]

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Dana Kilcrease - Recording Connection Graduate Success Story

“I began my course at the Recording Connection with a limited knowledge of the recording industry. I had spent several years as a DJ and self taught producer however my self-training could only take me so far and I wanted to take my skills to a professional level. I had researched all the top schools […]

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Charles Buckley - Recording Connection Graduate Success Stories

“My name is Charles Barkley and I started playing music at an early age, playing bass in my school Jazz bands. As I progressed with my music, I started moving into the electronic genre, beginning to produce beats and original tracks using Ableton Live and Pro Tools equipment. I recently moved to Colorado to pursue […]

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Recording School Student Success Stories - March 2011

March 25, 2011 Success Stories Learn what it takes to become a successfully recording engineer from your mentor. “This week was one of the best weeks with my mentor to date. My mentor and I first covered my lesson reading, except for the fact that he didn’t even open the book to look at the […]

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Blake La Grange - Recording Connection Graduate Success Stories

My experiences with the Recording Connection program have been extremely beneficial.  When I first started the program, we did not work on any hands-on work.  I was able to review the lessons and reading material from the Recording Connection, as well as sit in on the recording sessions and observe.  That is when I decided […]

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Recording Connection Student Success Stories (Jan 2011)

2010-2011 SUCCESS STORIES FROM AROUND THE GLOBE   Learn One on One With Your Mentor “I arrived and my mentor and I started going over the lesson and quiz right away. Like usual, my mentor explained everything to me as we went through the lesson. My mentor also showed me each of the pieces of […]

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Here is What Our Music & Recording Students Did in February 2009

These Students Will Be Working in the Music and Audio Business by September 2009.  WILL YOU?   Jason SzklarekCHICAGO, ILLINOIS MUSIC PRODUCING STUDENT My name is Jason and I’m currently a student at Recording Connection. When I had come to this program I didn’t know what to except. Sure, I had viewed the site to see what it was […]

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Here is What Our Music & Recording Students Did in December 2008.

These Students Will Be Working in the Music and Audio Business by June 2009. WILL YOU? James LaMarca RECORDING CONNECTION STUDENT IN SEATTLE, WASHINGTON My mentor and his assistant engineer gave me a brief outline of what I could expect from their instruction for the near future as well as an overview of the equipment […]

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Recording Connection Alumni Credits

Here are just a few of the places our students have gone, and the projects on which they have worked, after entering Recording Connection audio engineering and music producing school alternative:  They have all hired on Recording Connection graduates to work on their projects, shows and networks! Throughout the world, graduates of our audio schools […]

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News From Some of Our Students

Through Entertainment Connection, graduate Mark Gilman realized his dream: owning his own recording studio. The former Guitar Center employee met his current partner during his externship, and everything just fell into place. Their Nashville based-studio, G-Mark Productions, is doing well and currently recording country music demos for Craig Holey and the legendary Willie Nelson!   […]

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Quotes from Our Students

July 16, 2016 Student Quotes

Definitely a great start for me.

“It was so exciting to be in the studio for the first time. The best way to describe it is it was a natural high for me. Just to be there and to witness professional working in that environment is very special. I learned so much from the first chapter. Things like the anatomy of the ear. Learning how sound is created by the movement or air molecules pushing into one another and causing vibration and how that travels through the outer ear (finna) and into the ear canal and into the tympanic membrane. Then traveling through the Malleus, Incus, and Septa and into the cochleae and into the brain. Another valuable thing found out is that there is an optimal volume to mix at. 85-95 db spl is the ideal level because at that level it is loud enough to hear what you need to hear, but also a safe volume to listen to without damaging your hearing. It was so exciting sitting in on a recording session with engineer Ryan and see what all it entails. Vocals just are not laid in one take, most of the time. The artist goes over the vocals several times, laying them then adding layers or adding harmony such as tenor, falsetto and bass. While in session, The artist actually ask me several times what i thought about it. I gave my two cents and he even took my advice on a siniging part that he was having trouble with. That was the highlight of my day. Just to see the artist light up and be happy with the song and a tip that i gave him. Definitely a great start for me.”

May 14, 2016 Student Quotes

I’m now going into my third week in the program.

“I’ve learned a lot these past 20 days. I walked into that studio meeting my mentor for the first time so clueless and not knowing what to expect at all, I’ve never even been in a real studio before that. But now I already recorded and mixed my first song. Having such a better understanding for all that goes into making quality music only 20 days in makes me excited for whats to come 17 weeks from now.”

“OK… I haven’t posted in a little while, things have been hectic in my personal life and this is part of the reason this style of learning has worked so great for me!

This past Sunday was Mother’s Day so my mentor wasn’t working… but worked out good for me as I really have a TON of projects going on at home at the same time.

The courses have really started getting fun and interesting! Really getting into the actual process and putting some of the learning into actions. I’m enjoying the heck out of this and looking forward to working with my mentor again this Sunday going over the next chapter!”

Getting into the studio was an experience that I am blessed and thankful for.

“After starting this internship with Detail and his staff I am beginning to learn not only the basics of production but also the importance of how you make people feel and how to turn your creative talents into a form of business. Success is clearly the goal with my production and I would assume is the same with most other producers. However, it not only takes time but I am beginning to learn how much effort it takes and how much work your willing to put in greatly affects the quality of your franchise. After my second week with Detail I am also learning production itself and the basics of making tracks and how there are many variables that tie in with just a single track. It is all new to me but I very much enjoy every new lesson that I am blessed to be learning. Everything has been going good so far and I am excited to continue at Detail’s studio.”

My mentor made everything clear.

“This lesson was a little confusing when positioning a specific mic to a specific instrument. When i went to the my mentor Matt’s studio, it all came to me. He showed me how to position the mic based on preferences. Such as a fat dynamic mic would be positioned to a kick drum or a bass at about 3-8 inches away. It shouldn’t be facing directly at it but more slightly around it. I went to a live session where Matt positioned the mic to a drum set. It was an awesome experience because one I haven’t seen anyone play drums that good and two it felt like the real world where people do business but at the same time in a playground.”

July 16, 2016 Student Quotes

I have been working on music constantly

“I haven’t been the most active on this blog, but I have been working on music constantly from the moment I started this program. I have enjoyed it thoroughly and not only learned a lot, but met a lot of people I can say I enjoy working alongside. That said, I’ve never been more focused and eager to work on the lessons and assignments I have been given, and now that mixing is starting to be an actual part of the lesson, I know that it is time to deliver what I can bring to the table as well as learn and retain more information than ever before. Chapter 12 gave me a mixing assignment, and I can’t wait to get started on it.”

Job Assistance and Resume Advice

“Looking forward to your critique and input on how to make my resume stand out, and how I can be successful searching for a start in my career!”

Connections are Everything.

“Mastering Engineer Dan Millice and Gabe Mg. These 2 guys have made a huge impact on my engineering career, as well as Edwin Ramos”

July 2, 2016 Student Quotes

Wwhat I need to be successful

“You guys already gave me what I need to be successful. To be in the room with a working professional. No one believed in me or was willing to show me how to do it until I came here!”


“This program has gone above and beyond my expectations- it’s been amazing!”

Having Fun and Learning

“I am learning a lot in the studio and I enjoy being a part of this field. I just talk to people and network myself and I’ve built up some connections that are actually doing something in the music business.”


“Last week got the chance to assist in a featured film recording session at Esplanade Studios along with my mentor Misha”

Attending Optional Sessions

“It’s so awesome what all you can learn by just sitting in and attending these optional sessions. I would advise every student to attend as many of these sessions as they can”

June 25, 2016 Student Quotes

Chapter 2 Completed

“I am super excited to be working with Sean Evans as he is doing a lot of the work that I plan on primarily focusing on such as: foley art, SFX, sound design, and voice over”

May 28, 2016 Student Quotes

Learn as you take part in local recording sessions

“[Matt] did invite me along on a 3 day excursion assisting a session in Burbank last week, it was very cool”

My upcoming record

“I just finished writing and pre-pro for song 7 of 10 for my upcoming record”

Final Mix Assignment

“Joey is helping me with my final mix assignment and I will be turning that in shortly, we are also writing music on the side for different music libraries”

May 21, 2016 Student Quotes

You and RRFC have definitely exceeded my expectations

“I honestly appreciate the help. I was pleasantly surprised at how helpful and prompt you’ve been. I wasn’t expecting that. Never really sure when reaching out through email, especially since I’m alumni rather than a current student. You and RRFC have definitely exceeded my expectations”

June 4, 2016 Student Quotes

Curriculum Day!

“This curriculum session was amazing! He showed all of the different digital and analog systems they have in the studio”

Job Assistance!

” Thank you for the help on my resume and job assistance relocating to Orlando”

Making Progress!

“I have been working on a couple projects making my own music to mix and edit. In addition to that, however, I am helping one of my classmates, Darnell, to record his reggae band”

January 23, 2016 Student Quotes

Before The Venture

“I have completed reading the inductionary portions of my Active Textbook and I’m ready to begin my journey into the world of professional audio engineering. At first I figured I’d give RRFC a go because it appealed to me as an economically sound alternative to a university for getting some valuable knowledge under my belt. I quickly realized however that this course has the potential to be something far more significant to my future (I cannot say for certain at this point as I had just begun). To give you an idea of where I currently stand before diving into a single chapter: I have been recording, mixing and mastering tracks for myself and friends for the better part of 4 years now and I’ve been a music buff for far longer than that. I have my own formula and methodology for bringing ideas into this world as works of art as I imagine any self-taught individual probably would and I’m eager to finally work with industrial-grade equipment in a professional environment.

I plan on becoming a full-time audio engineer within the next 2 years following my admittance into RRFC. I also plan to kick off my career as an artist in the Hip-Hop industry as a side project. I am fortunate to have stumbled upon RRFC as a doorway into my dream career by running through my Facebook feed oddly enough one day. I am a fairly logical person so I presume it to be lucky chance though even I am inclined to believe that higher powers are at work here. I plan on keeping a rather detailed account of my experiences throughout this course from the eBook, to the studio and beyond, as a testament to the quality of education that this course has provided me as well as maybe a few good tips and tricks others may find handy with their craft.

I look forward to everything RRFC has to throw at me and I’m determined to break into the industry at whatever the cost. I would also like to thank the staff of RRFC in advance for working with me patiently to make this opportunity a reality, I really owe you guys!”

January 30, 2016 Student Quotes

I learned SO MUCH in a matter of minutes

“OK in a matter of words I will try to contain my excitement…. Well I tried. I was super excited to walk into the Record Plant and began working with my mentor Patrizio!!!! I learned SO MUCH in a matter of minutes watching how the professionals do it. Let me tell you it was a huge eye opener. I was given an assignment to do and based on what I observed I went home very excited to begin work. The 1st visit was 1 on 1 training.

The Second Visit went very well, it made me happy to see Patrizio pleased with the work I had done. I was able to have 2hrs of observing him work with the engineer on a project. I watched every screen, effect, and plugin they used. I was so impressed with the workflow and how seamless the achieved the goal together. Afterwards 1 got in 1hr and a half of 1 on 1 time to go over my previous assignment. I was a sponge and put to use what I learned before. The next assignment is a bit more challenging so hopefully I will do well again. I love it!!!!!!!”

Intro to new software and a catchy jam!

“This week’s lesson material was an introduction to the very powerful software, Pro Tools. Pro Tools is the industry standard in audio found in music, TV, and movies. There is a chance that you hear something every day that somehow went through Pro Tools! Fun Fact- The first song to reach number 1 on the charts was Ricky Martin’s 1999 hit, Livin’ La Vida Loca. I don’t even know where to begin with what it can do! This seems a little bit overwhelming learning a new software after already working with FL Studio for 5 years already. I know that with the material, links, and help that Recording Connection provides, I know that I will be able to grasp this software after working with it over time! I received my copy of Pro Tools last week and am ready to dive into learning this software! After nailing another quiz this week, it was time to go back to the studio with Boo!

This week, Boo and I started off by working on mixing a drum track for an artist who has been out of the music industry for a good while now. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say who this artist is, but he has new material to be released since his last release in the 80’s! We spent a good bit of the allotted time working on mixing the drum track for this song. I know that I’m ready for it to be released! I was tapping my foot along with the track the whole time. I still have the song stuck in my head! We also did some work on the vocals for the song, adding delay and fixing the automation levels. Once the work on the vocals was done, Boo and I recorded a tambourine track for some extra drive in the song. After we worked on this 80’s sounding rock track, a guitar player came in and recorded some parts for tracks that needed parts. We set up the amp in the recording room and patched the guitar in from the control room. The songs were originals and covers. One of the covers was one of my favorite songs from the 90’s, Hard to Handle by Black Crowes! It was another great week of learning with Recording Connection and Boo at Knothole Recording Studio!”

Here we go. This is what I’ve been waiting for.

“Here we go. This is what I’ve been waiting for. Since I was fifteen, when I knew I wanted to be an engineer and producer, I researched education options and found this program and couldn’t wait to apply and get started. Now I’m here! This journey is going to be amazing, an incredible experience with so much professional and personal growth to be had. I’m absorbing everything coming my way.

The first scheduled session with my mentor Pierre, who is awesome and super knowledgeable, was intended to go over lesson one. When I got to the studio I learned that a last minute tracking session was taking place. So instead of going over my lesson I got to dive in and observe the tracking session of an alternative rock band which was just as good if not better than the lesson planned! I got to see firsthand the workflow of an engineer and how the engineer communicates with the client to achieve the goals of the session. Pierre guided me through the moves he was making on ProTools as the band tracked which was cool, I got to see various plug ins and ask questions on what each plug in did to a track. Afterwards, when the vocalist was finishing up with Pierre, I pulled back the mics that were used for the drums and disconnected and wrapped the mic cables. After that I got to intern at the Rehearsal Works facility. Bo really showed me the ropes and I saw what his job is like at Rehearsal Works. We organized each Rehearsal space, making sure each room was neat and organized and had the proper equipment needed for bands to practice. We also moved a drum kit back into the tracking room in the studio. That first session was amazing because I got firsthand experience with the workflow of an engineer as well as familiarizing myself with the equipment.

The next session consisted of going over the first lesson: sound and hearing. Pierre showed me the patch bay of the analog console that is being rebuilt in the studio which was cool to see. We then started up the IO’s and the computer and dove into the lesson. That first lesson was great because Pierre helped me understand the concepts that I was having a hard time grasping such as phase, phase shift, mono and stereo sources and sound perception. He really explained sound in such a way that made sense in my mind, such as how binary information is turned into sound and how we perceive those sounds. Something really insightful that I took away from that first lesson was that as an engineer you have to be a critical listener, how are the dynamics, what instruments are you hearing, where are those instruments, are they in the front or back, left or right? This first lesson clicked for the most part and I’m very glad it did. I can’t wait to dig deeper and gain more of an understanding of this crazy thing we call recording!”

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