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Hear from Our Students and Graduates
New Success Stories Coming in Every Week!

Some of our graduates have gone on to become audio engineers, musical artists, and studio owners. Other graduates are producing and making their own Hip Hop, EDM, rock ‘n roll, R&B, Country and rap music.

Join our family and live your dream just like these students have.

Learn audio engineering principles hands-on from a professional engineer

“Don talked a lot about soundblocks, and also ways to create angles in the studio and control room that will make surfaces for sounds to bounce off. I thought it was a very interesting lesson, and retained a lot more out of the reading than last lesson. I took a lot of notes, which seemed to help me. We also talked about different types of monitor speakers, different microphones, interfaces etc. He was a lot of help with his knowledge of the different types of microphones, interfaces, equipment, etc., which really helped me.”

See the big picture of recording come together.

"We used about 13 mics and several pre amps and inserts to help print the nice warm drum sound. I love the nice warm sound you get from all the outboard gear. Once we set levels for the drums and panned them we started with guitars. We just basically went direct into the avalon and the LaChap used guitar rig from native instruments and played with a bunch of pre sets till we found the metal sound we wanted. One of the actual engineers that worked there decided to keep the session and saved it which i thought was really cool. It’s all coming together now and I am loving every minute of it."

Train with talented producers.

“Today (8/5/12) we recorded with producers Micha and Danny. These guys are extremely talented. They created a beat right before our very eyes. I was the engineer for today, but I had help from one of the interns of Quad Studio. We used so many parts of Pro Tools today that I was not familiar with, and I learned a great deal today. They wanted to sample part of a very popular song, we used MIDI for their keyboard, we used all types of amps and effects that I have never seen before.”

Experience how a professional artist uses their recording session.

"Zach came in and we talked about the master section of the console for a little bit, touching on the difference between mix and replay and record modes and how to control cue volume for headphones. Then, their first appointment arrived, a freelance engineer and the rapper he was recording aka Ro. I helped them setup and answered a couple of questions about where things were on the console. I observed them lay down the chorus, verses 1-3, doubles for the chorus and some words on the verses, and finally some ad libbing behind the vocals. Note: having an artist as prepared as this one is AWESOME! he had all his lines memorized and only took a couple takes to really make it count."

Get the opportunity to meet and work with up and coming musicians.

“The fact that I have the opportunity to create a beat for a huge up and coming artist is unreal, it has given me the courage and dedication that I will use my entire career in the music industry. I have really grasped the business side of music and am now learning the music side of music, the ability to create, and be artistic with music is what I have always been craving for.”

Learn the tricks of the trade in the only place that really matters.

"The engineer was amazing. He worked through pro tools with no problems. He taught me tricks about reverb and using all the tools at your disposal. It overwhelmed me to see how long it takes to properly mix one song. I can’t wait to begin to work on the console and pro tools."

See professional musicians interact with professional producers.

"In the studio this week, I worked with Starita who is working with a friend named Emmet on some groovy down tempo indie R&B. We spent most of the afternoon cleaning up the drum track and get the right levels among the tracks while balancing in reverb effects. He had me doing a BUNCH of patching which was great practice, but I was also helping him navigate the SSL console when he would forget to push a switch or 2 and we would hear nothing or not what we wanted. It was an awesome, educational, well-spent session and I would definitely look forward to working with Starita in the future."

Meet clients in studio while you learn.

"I had fun learning about how to EQ properly and when to EQ. I also had fun when I and Kevin mixed his clients project. I really enjoy learning from Kevin and mingling with the clients."

Know music from the inside of the industry.

“At first I didn’t know what to think, before the only kind of teaching I’ve experienced was in a classroom setting. However as weeks went by, I noticed how amazing these one on one sessions really were. I love the fact that everything you needed to learn was right in front of your face the first day but like with any puzzle out there, you have the pieces you just need to put them together. With the help of my wonderful instructor Rick Rooney, I was able to contain some great knowledge about Pro tools and the production of this ongoing process called music. It was fantastic working with such a patient, understanding, and knowledgeable teacher. Since I’ve graduated this school I’ve never looked at music the same. Before when I listened to music, I just listened to the groove of the song. Now when I listen to a song, I really try to single out one instrument at a time and really listen to the quality of its production. I love this program and everything it has shown me. Now I’m wanting to slowly build on to my instruments and microphone collection, so one day I can own my own studio.”

Learn ProTools from the pros.

"The pro tools program can be a bit overwhelming and confusing at first glance but its getting easier. I learned all the m-box functions and still have some serious hours to put into the pro tools program but I’m getting the hang of it. My mentor has been so great at helping me out with all of my questions and taking time out of his busy schedule to explain certain areas about the plugins and how they work. I’m starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel."

See the big picture of the business come together.

"Chad opened up a Pro Tools session and had me send different instruments through different pre amps and compressor/limiters. This was a great exercise the help familiarize myself with the patch bay and where all of the equipment is located. Throughout this exercise I asked some questions that I ended up answering for myself before even finishing the question. We talked more about different gear and how they work. This is very useful information as I am starting to really pick up on the technical terminology used in in the recording world. Between the abundance of research I have been doing at home and the experience I am gaining in the studio, I am starting to see the big picture in audio recording and its all starting to come together now!"

Take a step in the right direction for your career.

"I left the studio really happy and motivated because I learned so much on my first day and I felt like I was really moving forward toward the place I dream to be."

The value of one-on-one attention.

"I was having some trouble retaining what I read in both text books, and was having a lot of trouble remembering what everything was and going beyond the answer of the quiz. I was embarrassed to be honest. But Don was very patient and explained things to me in great detail and in a way that made sense to me."

Get your hands dirty.

“I couldn’t believe how busy I was on Thursday, when I got to the studio Steve was already mastering tracks for a special edition CD with Richard Barone and told me to mic a piano and set up a vocal mic. I did that and then two Greek opera singers that have come in before showed up. When the Greek opera singers left, I broke down the piano microphones and closed it. Steve told me to switch the type of vocal microphone we were using and to keep it set up in the vocal booth and another session came in for a movie that’s currently in its post production stages. The hands on work I did was really helpful.”

Find out what the myths are, and what the truth is.

"The best part of the studio today was Theo was feeling self-conscious and I like to read my musicians vibes. So I told Theo I noticed how he was feeling and he took defense to himself and said, “ Nuh, uh, I’m the $hit!” This helped cause a reverse psychology effect and Theo played with more confidence. I used another tactic of having the other intern assistant audio engineer, record Theo when he thought he was taking practice run. He felt less pressure and performed much cleaner. I like to think being an engineer/producer is much more than just listening to the music. It’s observing the emotions and vibes from everyone in the room to get a true understanding of how everyone’s feeling the music. I also read the writer’s (Greg’s) faces and I noticed when he told Theo he did good, he really didn’t mean it and I pointed it out to him later and this caused him to decide something he’s been debating for a while now. People have to have honesty to actually appreciate and be completely satisfied with their own work. I think being a woman I have disadvantages, but I don’t feel today showed me any at all. I also helped the musician by counting his beats for him and helping him know when to really start and stop. Whether these are normal jobs for an assistant engineer, I feel going above and beyond for any musician is helpful to the whole team. Today was fun! We shot a video for Greg’s Making of “World Dance CD”. I felt very lucky to be a part of such a fun project! Thanks again RC!"

Scott Steinberg, Monument, CO

"For me, the redundancy of the equipment has always been confusing. Why have a big analog console and also a virtual one on-screen? Christian likened it to a chef who doesn’t have very many ingredients. I liked that, because it shows how much different pieces of audio equipment impact what it is that you’re making. It shows how much of this is really an art and not a science. Music to my ears."

Discover what you love.

“We recorded a gospel group in a church in Denver and spent 12 hours up there between set up and tear down. It was a blast, you know you’re getting into the right line of work when a 12 hr day feels like a day off and you love ever second of it.”

Don’t just get taught, get taught by talent.

“This lab was a challenge because I am learning how to play a new instrument while also having to create my own song. Really putting my brain power to use. I am enjoying this lab as it presents a challenge but at the same time I am learning to be a true musician which is really cool. I asked Dick to show me how to create electronic music without using pre-recorded loops and he is teaching me just that and so much more. I am grateful that he is so gifted and talented at his craft because he is an excellent teacher.”

Learn what it’s like to be in studio.

“This was such a great experience and I loved the vibe from it all. I really got to see my mentor in action and how it’s down, but not only that I got to help mic setup and interacting with the clients. Me and Brian both agree that it felt natural me being there. Can’t wait to see what the future brings. Along with everything I did in the studio with my mentor, I have been recording myself making songs, practicing my mixing and editing skills and have been trying to get my own clients to work with. I am really glad I chose to do this school.”

Develop a relationship with your mentor as a person – not just a teacher.

“After we were finished talking about monitors, Garin and I just talked about all the different kinds of music we both listen to then he had showed me some stuff he had mixed and recorded that was still on the computer. The session was great and I love being in this program.”

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