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Hear from Our Students and Graduates
New Success Stories Coming in Every Week!

Some of our graduates have gone on to become audio engineers, musical artists, and studio owners. Other graduates are producing and making their own Hip Hop, EDM, rock ‘n roll, R&B, Country and rap music.

Join our family and live your dream just like these students have.

Record your own music with real studio equipment.

“I got to record my music in the studio this week. It was an INCREDIBLE experience. Last week Sax asked if I wanted to do a vocal session so I instantly said yes. I got to engineer the session by myself, It was awesome.”

Experience how a professional artist uses their recording session.

“Jesse has been a great mentor and it has been a pleasure working beside him. This has been a great experience so far! I want to send my thanks to you for getting me started and setting me up with a great studio and mentor.”

Learn from the pros.

"I'm having a great experience with the guys at the studio, extremely knowledgeable and great attitudes."

Andrew Kirk: Recording Connection Honors Graduate

"What drew me to the Recording Connection was [that] I was going to be learning in a real studio, doing actual real work. During the program, I had the opportunity of doing voice over work for MTV, something that you would never be able to do while going to school for this sort of thing. It was really, really cool. It gave me real world experience. I got to work closely with an MTV producer and an MTV actress. I actually did voice over work, which I can put on my resume. I have experience with that now.

"I loved it. I felt like I learned a lot. It was filling in a lot of Swiss cheese for me in my brain because I had been doing it unprofessionally for ten years. Even if I hadn't been doing it unprofessionally for ten years, they start at square one, which is nice. 

"It is a tough industry to break into. Some people get lucky and have the opportunity to get right in working under a good engineer in a studio as an intern. That can be just as good as taking a program. For most of us that doesn't happen. You do need to look at furthering your education some way. Through my research I found that one of the best ways is through the Recording Connection. They will get you in a studio. They will help you start making connections. From then on it is really all about you."

Learn the fundamentals as you extern.

"really enjoy studying sound, particularly the way sound reflects. I've always heard people talk about the acoustics of a certain room or building, but often wondered what exactly they were referring to, now I know."

Learn hands-on.

“We have been getting more hands on. I got to record another band! I’m getting familiar with microphone set-up, running a session and mixing as well.”

Real Sessions, Real Musicians

“My Mentor and I had a busy week.  We did live sound for 3 concerts throughout Texas and a recording session at Eighth Note Productions of a jazz group.  In the recording session I set up mics on drums, keys, guitar and bass.”

Learn Invaluable Skills With Hands-On Training

“I placed microphones, routed signals through the patch bay and engineered the session.   This all happened on the day I brought my sister in to give her a tour of the studio.  She was amazed!”

Build connections as you learn.

“After our lesson I talked with someone about getting an internship and I set up a meeting with members of the APT. I'm very thrilled and excited to start this internship.”

Lead recording sessions under your mentor’s guidance.

“This lesson was amazing and fun. I was allowed to be the lead engineer on a session while my mentor sat behind me, everything went smoothly and I didn’t need him, but I’m glad he was there.”

The only way to learn real studio equipment is in a real recording studio.

“Getting to put my hands on the console helped me understand signal flow and mixing on a whole new level.”

Receive constructive criticism from someone who knows the industry.

“My mentor gave me a lot of criticism on the structuring of the track and how he thought it should sound. I listened to his ideas and he listened to my ideas. By four o’clock we had a nicely structured track and burned it to a cd.”

Get your hands dirty in a real recording studio.

“This was a fun lesson glad I got to get my hands dirty with MIDI it was a blast composing and mixing the song and as always I learned a ton from my mentor.”

Review by 2012 Graduate Chris Bell

Perfect your technique under the guidance of professional musicians.

“As a fun bonus, I asked Dick to help me with a song that I have been learning (“The Metal,” by Tenacious D) and he gladly listened, got the general riff down and showed me how to do hammer ons more effectively so that I can increase my speed as required for most metal songs. Fun day at school indeed.”

Learn by doing.

“I had fun seeing my newly learned knowledge from the textbook and what Kevin had told me in use on the mix that Kevin was doing. It made everything come together.”

Work with the leading professional in your industry.

“All in all, it has been a pleasure working with Don and thanks to your program, I had the chance to work with a legend in the Independent music world.”

Beyond the books.

"I learned that the musical environment really does affect on the overall workflow and quality in the production side. Brightness and color of the light balls, cozy space, music volume, and also health condition. To achieve to make the best possible sound quality, emotional condition plays a vital role as air is essential to human life. Richer expression, faster workflow, totally different idea to make people goosebumps, how musically crazy you can be, If you really want it, you've got to have it all. As a result, the environment and is tightly connected to music itself. It's important to know how it has affect on the overall work. I want to dig out more from it."

Work directly with artists while you learn the ropes.

"I had the chance to work with 3 different artist. I was pretty excited because the artist were actually asking for my opinion. It was nice that all the artist were hip-hop artist which is my favorite. I got a chance to see 3 different types of session."

Work with your mentor in real studio sessions

“Boo is working on a song that a singer recorded in his studio. I set up one track for him to add a shaker to the mix. The song has a gap that Boo wants to fill with a guitar solo that he comes up with on the spot. I get to set up two tracks for the two mics he set up on his acoustic guitar.”

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