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Hear from Our Students and Graduates
New Success Stories Coming in Every Week!

Some of our graduates have gone on to become audio engineers, musical artists, and studio owners. Other graduates are producing and making their own Hip Hop, EDM, rock ‘n roll, R&B, Country and rap music.

Join our family and live your dream just like these students have.

Learn by doing.

“Although it may be time consuming, this is what I want to do and I love learning something new every day.”

Observe real recording sessions.

“The artists were very motivating and I learned a lot from the session while I was watching them use their analog console.”

Build a solid foundation as you work with real studio equipment

“I’ve always been kind of a technophobe – you know, hating my cell, not owning a TV, hoping for the best with my computer. And now I want to be a sound engineer. Reality check, for real!”

No classroom can replace what you’ll learn at a real recording studio.

"I was super excited about this lesson because I was so ready to start learning about the most important thing in the studio. The console has a great recall system where it remembers how certain tracks were laid out before just incase you forgot how you put it together. Zero weakness here just a lot of motivation."

Learn how to run a session from your mentor.

“I went to a really cool session where I was able to get a closer look at how my mentor ran his sessions and what he did during the process. He was able to kind of talk me through what he was doing at the same time, very informative.”

The best way to learn audio engineering is at a real recording studio.

“I was a little curious about each different diffuser and how they dispersed or absorbed the sound at the studio. My mentor was very helpful in describing why they did what they did and that the best way to use them is by hearing how each one affects the sound in the control room and studio.”

No classroom can reproduce what you’ll learn at a major studio.

“I’m glad to have met such a great mentor who has helped introduce me into the studio environment and has shared his insight to help get me started.”

Learn audio engineering at a real recording studio.

“I finally got my first time being hands-on behind the recording console today and it was an awesome experience.”

Learn as you observe and participate in real recording sessions.

“This was the first real session for me and it was very exciting. The first thing we did was going over the first and second test. After that we got started on the lesson which is studio design and monitors. He explained the different types of monitors and what they do and what makes the room perfect for recording. Even though I still didn’t use the equipment we walked through each room and listened to how each room sounds different and he talked a little bit of why it sounded that way. It was fun to go through each room it really makes it easier to learn to see for yourself the difference of each room.”

Learn one on one.

“My mentor is very good at answering all of my questions and helping me with my personal music inquiries. He said he’ll let me know when I can sit in on a recording session, and I can’t wait.”

Work directly with your mentor’s clients.

“The client told me what sound he was looking for, and what he wanted to do with the sound once it was recorded. I wrote down his request and the setup he wanted then I was set free to set up for him. I liked this because it gave me the opportunity to take what I learned so far and put it into effect. I like to think I did a pretty good job.”

Gain a deeper understanding of the music you listen to.

“A great thing happened, I got the chance to actually listen to current music that is out on radio and we sat down and analyze song structure and mixing techniques. I dont think I will ever listen to music the same ever again.”

Gain a deeper understanding of the music you listen to.

“The textbook reading is coming along pretty well, it’s a lot of information but I’m understanding it. I am anxious to get into Pro Tools and to start training my ear. My mentor moves really fast I have a lot of work to do. Admittedly, I’ve also discovered a new-found respect for – wait for it – pop music. Wow.”

Apply what you learn at the console.

"This Lesson was our midterm. We went over our answers and then mixed on rics console for the mixing lab. Its much more convienient having the faders within easy reach than on screen adjustments. This Lesson really made me appreciate the importance of a good console. I used this time to apply the knowledge I’ve gain in the past few lessons in a combined fashion."

Work with talented artists during real recording sessions.

“One of my mentors pop artists had a song she had previously recorded with him and she wanted to add and electric guitar solo in the mix. A session studio guitarist was brought in and man, was he talented. When he started playing I thought I was in a Van Halen/Steve Vai concert. It seems improvisation is his specialty since each take he would play something different but it all sounded good and as a guitarist I have so much respect for such talent. After playing guitar for 7 years I can’t even come close to how clean yet fast his playing is so that was definitely a great experience for me.”

Experiment with professional recording equipment at your mentor’s studio.

“The great thing about this studio is that they allow you to stick around after class and be a part of an actual working environment. Real life experience is so important.”

Get your hands dirty in a real recording studio.

“My most recent lesson was a fun learning experience, I look forward to keep learning the process and watching it take effect after it is all setup. I have no doubt this is what I want to do as a career, and each session just reminds me of that more and more.”

The fastest way to learn in on the job.

“I really have been learning a ton in such a short time, and I am eager to know more.”

Learn hands-on with your mentor’s guidance.

“My mentor is very good at making everything relatable and understandable and I really like that.”

Get one on one instruction from your mentor.

“I trailed my mentor around and watched him master and recall some tracks, he also enhanced tracks that were converted from a cassette tape, so that was something new to me. While we were waiting for a disc to finish printing, I had him listen to some tracks on my iPod through the mastering room monitors that I’ve been trying to analyze myself to see what could be better about the track, so he critiqued them and helped me understand more about what makes a final product worthy. Later that night, I sat in on a session that a couple of the engineers were tracking for a project of their own, which was also a valuable experience.”

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