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Hear from Our Students and Graduates
New Success Stories Coming in Every Week!

Some of our graduates have gone on to become audio engineers, musical artists, and studio owners. Other graduates are producing and making their own Hip Hop, EDM, rock ‘n roll, R&B, Country and rap music.

Join our family and live your dream just like these students have.

Real projects, real studios, real deadlines.

“My mentor gave me insight on time based signal processing; delay, echo, reverb, chorus, and flanging. I manned the helms of a reggae/dub project and got to experiment with all of the above. This was definitely one of the best lessons!”

Work at real venues as a live sound engineer.

"I had the opportunity to work at a famous New Orleans venue called Tipatinas or "Tips" and meeting the house engineer was awesome. He taught me one of the more useful audio/roadie skills, like how to wrap cord correctly! I have used that skill many times since then. "

The fastest way to learn in on the job.

“No more than a month ago I knew nothing about microphone preamps. And here I was thinking that ‘My recordings are not turning out like I plan because I don’t have the top notch mic.’ Learning is fun.”

Learn invaluable skills as you extern.

“My most recent lesson was my favorite so far because it talked about the console and how to distribute sound across a live stage, it was really cool.”

One on One Learning

“When I showed up at the studio to go over a lesson on microphones, my mentor decided that he would have a demonstration where we would look at all the mircrophones he had in the studio. We went one by one, I would get to hold and look at the mic, and then we would discuss aspects of it (active/passive, dynamic/condenser, sensitivity, polar pattern, what he likes to use each specific one for etc.) I am really glad he decided to go about the lesson this way. Upon re-reading the lesson in the book it made much more sense.”

Your mentor is a professional audio engineer.

“The lessons were great! Every time I came in I learned something new, Brian always had an answer for any of my questions, there was never a day when I left feeling like I didn’t learn anything.”

Learn from a professional.

“My mentor answered my questions with knowledgeable answers and I learned a lot!”

Build connections as you learn.

“I am very excited about this program because everything I need to not only perfect my craft but to gain the contacts I will need to start my career as a Producer/Engineer is all at my finger tips”

Work with real artists.

“I got to apply what I was learning today when I recorded my first artist, and it was incredible! Everything that my mentor taught me I used. This wasn’t my first time on ProTools but this time was different because I actually knew what I was doing. I was confident and ready to work. My mentor later asked the artist how I did and he replied ‘tight work’ – in other words, great work!”

Learn from someone who knows the industry.

“My mentor has the gift of explaining difficult things in a way that’s understandable to everyone.”

Learn how to work with professional recording studio equipment.

“Last week’s lesson was my favorite so far because it talked about the console and how to distribute sound across a live stage, it was really cool.”

Learn from a professional.

"My mentor helped me get a better understanding of the patch bay connections that I was having trouble with, and he gave me some exercises to work on. They were tough at first but I got better at them as I did more of them."

Gain a deeper understanding of the music you listen to.

“These lessons are very helpful because they’re starting to put some of things I had learned on my own into perspective, and I’m gaining a better understanding as to why things are done they way they are. I am very excited to put all this to use on my own system and on my own music!”

Learn hands-on from day one.

“I know it was only my first week in the studio, but I’m really loving every single minute of it!”

The best way to learn audio engineering is at a real recording studio.

“I was extremely happy to be in a real studio and use real equipment. Thanks for everything. I had a great time with this school”

The best way to learn audio engineering is at a real recording studio.

“This program is so compatible with the generation we are in right now.”

Experience how a professional artist uses their recording session.

“Today I was in the studio with a singer who wanted to do overdubs on Latino style music tracks. This provided me the chance to see how routing through the console to the software was conducted; as well as, how to manipulate the tracks with the software and the effects it provides. The highlight of the session came around when it become apparent that the artist was not performing at his best and I got to see the more human side of sitting in the control room, as the studio owner became the vocal coach and advice giver; a mix of engineer and producer rolled into one. From this experience I can see the importance of being a good communicator and having developed people skills.”

Learn with real studio equipment.

“Today we went over the different kinds of digital reverbs. I a chance to bring in a project I was working on and we applied different reverbs (i.e. hall, chamber) to vocals and drums so that I can actually hear what the sound like on fantastic speakers! The practicals are very helpful in the lessons because I am not a read-a-book-and-get-it kind of guy. I learn better hands on, seeing and touching knobs, hearing what they do instead of being told what something does.”

Learn from the pros.

“I have been fortunate to have been able to sit in on two sessions in the two weeks I have been a part of this program. While I learn a lot from the books, what I am learning from watching Paul and observing the artists, is invaluable. I look forward to heading in to the studio so much. It’s like I am a little kid on Christmas every time I step foot in the control room.”

Your mentor is a professional audio engineer.

“At first I was nervous, especially because last time I was in class had been about a year before, and although I had reviewed everything, I was still not 100 percent. As the class proceeded, I became less and less nervous because there was no right or wrong question, I have an engineer with me and I intend to use her to understand my question. All the people at Barron Studios are really friendly and professional. I would love to work there.”

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