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Hear from Our Students and Graduates
New Success Stories Coming in Every Week!

Some of our graduates have gone on to become audio engineers, musical artists, and studio owners. Other graduates are producing and making their own Hip Hop, EDM, rock ‘n roll, R&B, Country and rap music.

Join our family and live your dream just like these students have.

Gain a deeper understanding of the music you love.

“Doing this program has changed my outlook on music. I have been focusing a lot lately on LISTENING to the music that I love, and trying to incorporate that into my work. By listening, I mean not just rocking it in your car and enjoying it, but actually started to listen for that subtle shaker in the back, or the way those horns pan in and out of each headphone. I started going back to all the old albums that I maybe hadn’t listened to in a while and I got a lot out of just going back and listening to all of these again and trying to understand why they were great. I come away with new ideas on how to transform my music from doing this!”

Learn from talented pros.

“I sat behind the board with my mentor while watching everything he was doing while recording vocals for a very talented young lady. It was very cool to see everything that happens during a session.”

Real Sessions, Real Musicians

“For a YouYube video shoot with my mentor, we first cleared a soundstage, noting where all the equipment was hooked up. This meant moving mics, a drum set, monitors, a keyboard, a guitar, chairs, music stands, an amp, and a bunch of musician detritus. Then my mentor and some other assistants and I helped set up lights, angles and sets, and he shot the video. Pretty exciting! It was interesting seeing an artist in action, and realizing how much we affected her performance – helping her relax made a huge difference.”

Learn hands on.

“I love being able to sit in on recording sessions and watch the creative process take shape. It’s amazing what an engineer can do with a song.”

Build a solid foundation under your mentor’s guidance.

“Digital audio was harder to understand than I had thought. At first I thought it was a process I needed to learn, but after a couple of very detailed conversations with my mentor, I came to understand more than what I had read. To know how the process actually works is pretty amazing. The program got harder than I thought when we started this lesson, but thanks to my instructors, it’s a lot easier to understand. It still is a long process, and very detailed but it’s not impossible. I can honestly say, I’m learning more than I thought I would.”

Learn how to achieve superior sound using your mentor’s professional equipment.

“The main differences between my mentor’s studio and my life at my home studio were the presence of outboard gear and countless instruments as well as actually soldering and repairing cables and routing patch bays. Most of the mixing I’d done prior was virtual, so getting to experience the difference in sonic quality that results from mixing on an analog console was very nice. Other than that, the rolling chairs, pots of coffee and fast food were all there.”

Challenge yourself!

“Right now I’m finishing up my final lessons, I’m also working on my final mix each day I go in to the studio. I finally got the hang of the EQ and it took me a lot of time to finally understand the concept of it. That goes to show you’re not going to catch on to things the first time…or the second… or the third. But if you keep at it, you’ll get it eventually!”

Observe real recording sessions with famous artists.

“Over the last few weeks, I’ve observed a few sessions at my studio, one in particular was a 12 track demo CD the artist wanted to do within 12 hours. It’s amazing to see how smoothly things go when everything is in order – my mentor and his head engineer managed to finish the session in 10 hrs!”

Real Sessions, Real Musicians

“During the last session, my mentor and I mixed some heavy metal recordings from a local band with a very low budget. This gave me an opportunity to learn the concept of making music as an independent producer. Low budgets equals less production time. This session showed me how to polish really poor studio recordings and make the sound 10 times better even with a small budget. It also taught me that not every band/project being brought into a studio will be easy work. Very informative.”

Develop your skills on the job.

“My mentor continues to tell me that I have improved very much, and so has my ‘ear’ for certain things. I now know what to listen for and what to do to fix it!”

No school can replace what you will learn at a real recording studio.

“Mike showed me all of the mics he has in his studio and I sure was impressed. He went into further detail about the mics and the polar patterns and when the right time to use each mic would be. It is really helpful to have a mentor who knows so much about this field.”

Receive personalized advice from a pro.

"After our last session ended my mentor walked outside with me and we had a decent conversation about the business end of being an engineer and what it's like working with other engineers and some complications that may arise. He told me about his personal experience and what he had done to prepare and get himself where he is today. I really appreciated him taking the time out to talk to me because it showed me that he genuinely cares about sharing his knowledge and getting me prepared for the audio engineering business."

Apply what you learn to your own music.

“The program is excellent and I look forward to working on my own tracks! The whole experience has been very exciting so far and I know I will use the information I’ve learned after I graduate.”

On the job training.

"All in all, I’m becoming more comfortable on pro tools and inside of the mixing room."

Learn hands-on with real studio equipment

“During my last lesson we went into detail about micing and I can’t wait to apply these techniques when I record next.”

Get one on one instruction from day one.

“So far I’ve had my third session with Devon he has been able to answer and explain most of the questions I have had or have been stuck on and has been a great help! I feel like ground is getting covered and it’s been great getting involved. I have to say there is so much to take in last couple weeks have been busy but im making progress so far things are great! Can’t wait to get started on some fresh material next week so looking forward to what’s ahead.”

Learn in a real recording studio.

“This whole journey in the studio has been a blessing to me!”

Learn at a real recording studio in your city.

“Walking into the studio for the first time was an absolutely surreal feeling. Walking up the stairs and just feeling the vibe and the aura about the room as you go in is really an unbelievable feeling. You really cannot describe that type of feeling unless you’re in a place or have felt a place with as much energy floating in the room. It was an unbelievable place to be and I’m absolutely ecstatic to be able to keep going back and just feel the energy in that room again.”

Learn music studio “tricks” from a music industry veteran.

“The studio was a very professional atmosphere and my mentor seemed to have a very good relationship with his clients. He did a great job at multitasking between working with the artist and working with me. Throughout the session he was showing me tips and tricks to help the session move as smooth and quick as possible.”

The best way to learn audio engineering is at a real recording studio.

“’Impedance’ was one of the topics I hear mentioned lot, but I didn’t really understand until my mentor helped explain it to. I’m still learning, but with every lesson I’m continuing to get a better understanding of both the studios console and patch bays in general!”

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