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Hear from Our Students and Graduates
New Success Stories Coming in Every Week!

Some of our graduates have gone on to become audio engineers, musical artists, and studio owners. Other graduates are producing and making their own Hip Hop, EDM, rock ‘n roll, R&B, Country and rap music.

Join our family and live your dream just like these students have.

Your mentor will help you understand the curriculum.

“In the midst of our discussion, I admitted to my mentor that I had never really known how stereo sound vs. mono works. He was more than happy to explain it (which took all of 3 minutes). We both found it pretty funny that, in my 15+ years of being a musician, I had never thought to ask anyone or look up the difference.”

One on One Learning

“Finished my sixth lesson and it was very enjoyable, I learned a lot about consoles and why they are important. My mentor took the time to show me his console, and even offered advice on which console to purchase if I choose to do so. With what I have learned so far I feel as now is a good time to start working on music again.”

The fastest way to learn audio engineering in on the job.

“In my two short weeks at the studio, I already have a pretty good concept of working the main mixing console, just by being able to sit next to whoever is engineering the session. The hands-on time with all the equipment is absolutely amazing.”

Pro Tools made easy.

“In this lesson I learned about plug-ins and the different types of them that are associated with Pro Tools. This was a very helpful lesson because now I can correctly equip the right plug-ins for my mixes in the future. I now have a better understanding of plug-ins and how they work. I also sat in on a hip-hop session in my studio’s B room which has a C-24 and all digital. The session used a lot of plug-ins so it went very well with the lesson.”

Get your foot in the door.

“I’m glad I’m in the Recording Connection because I’m basically already in the door. I’m glad I didn’t choose Full Sail – I feel like I learn a lot more here than I would have there.”

Build your confidence as you learn the profession.

“My confidence has grown tremendously with using Pro-Tools. I am very confident in what I am doing alongside my mentor and am looking forward to the challenges that await me.”

Get involved in real client sessions.

“In the past couple weeks we have done some fun and exciting things. This past weekend I got the opportunity to be a part of a music video that my mentor was doing for one of his clients. My responsibility was to provide the drummer for the video. They were in need of a trumpet player for the video and, to my surprise, they had asked me if I would play the trumpet for the video. I was happy to lend a helping hand. I had never done anything like that before and it was a great and really fun experience.”

Personalized advice from your mentor.

“After completing the midterm, my mentor and I opened up the mix I had been working on for the past few days and he helped by pointing out where I was over compressing and some spots where compression needed to be applied. Overall he said it sounds good so far and that after making those tweaks the mix would be great!”

Challenge yourself.

“My last lesson had a lot to learn and I personally felt that the more I worked with the EQs the more knowledge and understanding I gained from them. I have been working with EQs for awhile now including simple ones on my mixing board for my guitar when I perform and also more intricate ones within my DAW Reason 5 for when I’m creating my own synth and/or bass. My mentor taught me about the different symbols for each EQ and how some EQs can be changed and/or combine different types of EQs – such as having a Peak filter for the low end and a Shelving filter for the high end! This lesson was exciting and I feel like I can start doing some real good edits within new songs I record and also older songs that I’ve made that might not have any EQs at all!”

Learn by doing.

“Being able to actually take particular mics and place it by an actual instrument to hear the sound that you want to try and achieve is absolutely great. It gives you that hands-on experience that you definitely need within this industry. This class has been one of my favourites because, personally, I feel that I learn better and retain the info quicker than just reading it in a book and trying to memorize it.”

Learn Pro Tools one on one from an expert.

“At my last lesson my mentor and I discussed the different EQ plug-ins in Pro Tools and what exactly you would use each for. He really broke it down for me and made it really easy for me to understand. Before I’d had a sense of what EQ does, but this past week I really got the full understanding.”

Sit in on real studio sessions.

“I recently had my first sit-in during a session with a free-lance engineer and witnessed the basics of the mastering process. I’ve also become more acquainted with the studio’s staff and met with close friends and clients. I was just granted the opportunity to sit-in a mixing session, where I was shown tricks and short cuts within pro tools. This past week was an extraordinary experience and I can’t wait until my next lesson.”

Apply what you learn at the studio to your own projects.

“I really enjoyed being able to set up tracks plugging in my acoustic/electric guitar to my Mbox without much difficulty with the guidance of my mentor.”

Build confidence in your abilities.

“The mixing process is becoming a lot easier for me to understand. I’m starting to use my ears more efficiently, preventing listener fatigue, knowing when to take a break, and other do’s and don’ts to the mixing process. Three more weeks until the final mix exam and I’m becoming more and confident.”

Work with artists of every genre.

“During my time in the studio, Jesse and I worked with a variety of small local artists ranging
from Indie Rock bands (Sound Rabbit) to aspiring Hip-Hop artists (8th Element). I’d worked
with many artists in the Electronic Music Industry before (Adam K, whom has remixed for
everyone from deadmau5 to Kaskade, J. Scott G., whom was formerly a member of a large early
2000’s Trance group called Deepsky that has had their music featured in movies, television
shows and video games) but getting to step outside of my comfort zone and experiment with new
genres was exciting and educational for me.”

Learn as you observe and participate in real recording sessions.

“I’ve started sitting in on live sessions and it’s such an amazing learning experience! I’m learning so much and meeting some great local talents that I didn’t know before! I’m really loving this experience and I couldn’t ask for a better mentor!”

Challenge yourself!

“When he had to step out for a moment, he told me to give it a try. I was nervous at first, since it was the first time I was left alone at the helm of a project (even if it was only for ten minutes). But, I got it. I figured out the problem and was able to make the vocal sound great! Paul was impressed and very congratulatory. I’ve learned a lot from him so far. I lucked out getting him for a teacher.”

Learn the fundamentals as you extern.

“I’m just starting from the basics, like how to open and save sessions, and I cannot wait to learn more. I also had the opportunity to sit in on a hip-hop session that was very fun and went well with my lesson.”

Apply what you learn at the studio to your own projects.

“In doing my own recordings, this has already helped me to achieve better sounds and quality of sounds that help to bring out a song.”

Learn by working with real studio equipment.

“So far one of my most enjoyed lessons, I enjoy learning about mics and what the industry uses as what I would call ground rules. I am hoping to pick up a Shure SM 57 soon as my mentor says he does use that mic a lot. This lesson has definitely pumped me up to learn more about the industry.”

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