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Hear from Our Students and Graduates
New Success Stories Coming in Every Week!

Some of our graduates have gone on to become audio engineers, musical artists, and studio owners. Other graduates are producing and making their own Hip Hop, EDM, rock ‘n roll, R&B, Country and rap music.

Join our family and live your dream just like these students have.

This is where the technical side and personal creativity come in to play.

This is where the technical side and personal creativity come in to play.

“Well, Let me start by saying that I am probably the most excited I’ve ever been so far in this program. Now that this seconds half begins with diving into mixing and applying the techniques myself. To me this is where the technical side and personal creativity come in to play. Since my current assignment is a 4-stage process, I can’t wait to hear the end result. STAY TUNED…”

Your own full version of Pro Tools 11 is included in our tuition.

Your own full version of Pro Tools 11 is included in our tuition.

“After using and watching pro tools record the bands that I had previously been in, I am stoked to receive it and really start to use it on the daily. Everything is starting to come together. Next step is computer and microphone, but I have been writing a lot of songs so I am ready to mess with tones and mic placement. Pretty much practically apply of the things I have been learning online and in the studio. It shouldn’t be long before I have a project posted.”

Most of your time with the course will be spent at the studio!

“My mentor and I reviewed chapter three of the book. He said everything as simple as possible so I could have a full understanding of what we were talking about. I am looking forward to sitting in on sessions and applying what I am learning in the studio. I am also excited about future lessons because there will be even more hands-on learning.”

Apply your knowledge to produce more professional-sounding mixes.

Apply your knowledge to produce more professional-sounding mixes.

“Mix Theory is the next chapter up in my course and it is definitely the most interested section to me because I am a music producer myself and all of my mixes do not sound remotely good. Very excited for this chapter. I hope it will open my eyes to some things that should have been obvious!”

“Pay attention to the learning of the craft, but make sure you work to have a craft of well made goods to sell when it is all said and done. There are a lot of talented people doing the same thing every day who will never get paid. I take all the energy and excitement I get from learning and apply that to making hard choices and smart ones that lead me to a funding stream that lets me do what I want. Thanks to my mentor for everything and I can’t wait for more.”

Experience professional recording sessions with real local artists.

“Today my mentor had a band in so I just observed most of the day. Watched him check drums and use a rather unique way of isolating a bass drum to prevent bleed. He used drumagog so he didn’t want any false hits. Drumagog crashed pro-tools several times so the going was slow. The band seemed ok, enjoying the novelty of working in the studio. Got pro-tools and reason installed, ready for some homework!”

Learn how to work with clients and run sessions smoothly.

“This past week I started learning about tracking songs. There was a lot on preparing for the meeting with the client(s) which is really important. Things like taking notes on the musicians and their instruments, positioning of mics before they arrive to the studio, being ready for unexpected changes, being open to different things but also keeping it organized. It helps in setting the studio up to know all the mics and which ones work best for which instruments, it makes it much quicker. I’m excited and ready to jump in with my ProTools arriving”

Learn microphone techniques that you will use your entire career.

“In this session we discussed the history of microphones and the different types that are most commonly used. I learned about dynamic, condenser and ribbon microphones; how they work and what microphones are appropriate for which type of instrument, vocal and effect you are looking for.”

“I thought it was really interested how specific it can get for putting microphones on a drum kit. The space it is from the part of the kit, the placement of it, which way its facing, and even the microphones themselves make the biggest difference when you are trying to get the sound you are looking for.”

Work with leading engineers in the recording industry.

“This past week we went over the lesson and Matt Sloan came in to record voice for Darth Vader for a Lego Star Wars TV episode.”

“Lesson 2 was about compressors in depth. I liked this lesson a lot because I was able to understand the concept compression more and get my hands on all the compressors at Cypher. Compressors control the smoothness of the dynamic range of an audio signal and are extremely important in audio engineering”

“This week at the studio was nice and I had no trouble on the tests! After that he showed me a lot about track mixing in pro tools. After that we worked on setting up the gear for tracking drums for the album that he is working on!”

“I really got a lot out of today’s session. I got some really great camera time this week. During my session with Dan, he gave me the Captain’s chair. From capturing the footage to logging the sequences to cutting the thing together, it was all me. That’s how I learn best- – hands on.”

This student was hired by his mentor for a feature film!

This student was hired by his mentor for a feature film!

“THE BEST DAY SPENT AT THE STUDIO NOT AT THE STUDIO! The opportunity to meet and assist so many celebrities and musicians was phenomenal and I truly thank RRFC for this opportunity. My mentor got the call he was needed on set to help… recording the entire movie and said that he would like my assistance as a 2nd engineer. This was a dream come true for me!”

“I had been playing around with a few loop tracks prior to my lesson with Phil, getting a basic feel for things and getting to know the application a little bit. In my lesson with Phil we went over the basic uses of all the tools and how they are applied. I enjoy working with ProTools and I’m eager to see what I can come up with and accomplish out of it.”

“Miked drums again today. I’m getting way faster at it. I have the mics memorized for each drum and proper placement. Then we checked the drums with me running everything. We were planning on miking acoustic guitar but we didn’t have time because we decided to experiment with different kick drum miking. All in all a good day. Looking forward to learning techniques for miking acoustic guitar because that is my main instrument.”

“Learned a lot about the different types of mic and the sounds they create. I didn’t even know there were so many different kinds of mics out there and the different purposes of them.”

“Just wrapped up the microphone chapter and while I was really excited to get to this chapter, it proved to be really challenging. I’ve been playing music in various projects over the ten years and learned a lot more in the past three days. I’m for all that read this I challenge you to study and know your stuff. It’s easy to remember condenser and dynamic and their basic functions but to understand what makes them work is a harsh but relieving reality.”

“I got in a lot of studio time this week. On Monday I was able to show up at 10:30am and stay until 3pm. The first part of the day was observing two other students work with ProTools. They were being taught how to configure a session and getting ready to record. All in all, it was a productive session.”

“It’s been almost a month that I’ve lived in Chicago and have been working with Joe at Miller Street Studios. We’ve only just begun! I’m just about through with all the basics which were all really helpful knowledge to have for someone who wants to know the recording studio inside and out like myself. It’s interesting to see how it all works and actually understanding it because I can see it working right in front of me. Can’t wait to learn more!”

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