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Some of our graduates have gone on to become audio engineers, musical artists, and studio owners. Other graduates are producing and making their own Hip Hop, EDM, rock ‘n roll, R&B, Country and rap music.

Join our family and live your dream just like these students have.

I also love how interactive the ebook is.

I also love how interactive the ebook is.

“As far as the book work goes I think I’m doing great. The ebook is really simple and they break down certain concepts so they are very understandable. I remember taking a couple Digital Recording classes at the college in Maui and comparing the text book they gave me to the one I got through recording connections is a HUGE difference. The book the college gave me is useful but it so technical that I get lost trying to read it. I also love how interactive the ebook is which also helps with comprehending the concepts.”

It was really interesting to see

“This lesson was about microphones. I learned how to identify the different types of microphones; dynamic, condenser, ribbon, and carbon. I also learned about different types of models of microphones and it was really interesting to see such a wide range of shapes/designs. I think the older microphones look a lot cooler in my opinion.”

Now it’s a reality.

Now it’s a reality.

“First day of class in the studio with my mentor, I have to say this is a good experience as I was going over my chapter 1 quiz, I started to think how I waited for this moment to learn professionally. Now it’s a reality. To me I was all about experimenting when making tracks but now as I went through the first chapter it has changed my perspective in a big way. Can’t wait for the next class.”

Brian made it very easy to learn.

“This was my second session in the studio and I must say that I was not disappointed. Maurice, owner of the Cut Recording Studio, set up a mock session for all of his externs to come and experience some hands-on training. Brian Jones was the engineer at the studio who helped us along the way and gave us guidance. I learned a lot about Pro Tools this last studio session and Brian made it very easy to learn.”

Another knowledge-filled day at the factory!

Another knowledge-filled day at the factory!

“Went in last Thursday for my chapter 6 lesson. Matt and I discussed in great detail the techniques and importance of microphone placement. When reading this chapter I was having problems at first understanding the 3:1 rule but Matt explained it to me and cleared up a lot of the confusion. It was very interesting to learn about how proper microphone placement can reduce and even nullify phase to the point where it’s not an issue. Very neat stuff! Another knowledge filled day at the factory!”

I am continuing to watch my love of music grow.

“Today I got to have my friend come in and record. He shows a lot of potential and was an amazing person to practice recording. Most of the time he starts out soft then gets loud, so adjusting to him and finding a good place on the mic was important. My mentor teaches me something new every time and I am continuing to watch my love of music grow.”

My first lesson with Donny in the studio went great.

“My first lesson with Donny in the studio went great. We were the first to arrive so we fired up the Protools and console and worked on recognizing frequencies and pitches, and from there level adjustments and techniques on how to avoid phase shift etc. It was only the first lesson so it was all pretty basic and easy for me to understand given my live performance background and recording experience but hanging out and conversing with Donny about music and life is fun for me. It seems we have a lot of the same taste in music and really love what we do. I’m highly looking forward to the next lesson and soaking up as much knowledge from behind the boards as I can.”

Plugins are my favorite part about digital audio!

“Plugins are my favorite part about digital audio! We’ve learned about so many awesome plugins at Studio 713. John has even given us personal access to some of these plugins to practice with at home in our own songs/mixes. Learning how to make chords out of multiple sine waves by recording 3 different audio tracks into 1 was very eye opening!”

This week’s lessons taught me a lot about Pro Tools

“This week’s lessons taught me a lot about Pro Tools and the useful shortcuts you can use. My mentor and I went through pro tools to get a good idea of how the program works and how it’s used. I used all the shortcuts I could remember to get to things faster like adding a new track. Going through pro tools with my mentor helps me understand it much better and I also discover and learn new things in the program by just playing around with it myself.”

Miking is quickly becoming a specialty of mine.

“There’s no better example than one that is hands-on. The information in chapter 6 was expressed greatly by the book, however the examples presented to me by my mentor made all the difference. Microphone placement in most cases is one of those “learn from mistakes” or “adjust as you go” situations. Don’t get me wrong, you should know the best places to mic an acoustic guitar is much different from miking an electric guitar which sometimes is different than miking a bass guitar. However, once you get those microphones in the right spaced pair position on your acoustic guitar, then finding the “sweet spot” is all in your ears. I am lucky enough to have a mentor with a tremendous studio full of equipment and a stage fit for any performer. This allows me to get great examples on how to setup a stage, which mics to use and where to put them for which sound I would like to accent. Miking is quickly becoming a specialty of mine.”

The end sound is extremely rewarding.

“Thomas led me through some of the basic key commands to make me more efficient at recording and editing in the future. It’s all a memory game with that. But once we went through those for a bit, that’s when the fun started. He let me edit a few things on some prerecorded sessions, showing me how to fine tune a song. Obviously there is a lot that goes into editing a song, so this week we started with cutting some drums. He told me by even doing this small task is what sets some of the amateur engineers from the professionals, because even doing the cutting, it didn’t even seem like much was being done to the song at all. But when you dig deep into it and notice exactly what is being done, the end sound is extremely rewarding. It can be tedious, but well worth the effort.”

Fourth Week

“This week my mentor and I concentrated on the signal flow. We talked about how the patch bay works, and how the many different types of effects and mikes all run through the patch bay to give him signal in Pro Tools. I also showed him a track I had been working on, and he helped me EQ it a little bit and gave me some tips and tricks on automating the reverb to get a more exciting sound.”

This was a good week indeed. I can’t wait for the next.

This was a good week indeed. I can’t wait for the next.

“CABLES! CABLES! CABLES! This week’s lesson was over Digital and Analog audio cables and where they fit in the recording and editing world. I went over all the different types of cables there are like XLR cables, RCA cables, CAT5 cables, and sooo many more! Cables are super important in the profession of being an Audio Engineer because they can connect anything and everything! I also went over Patch Bays and how they are used, what kinds there are, etc. Patch Bays seem like a very important part of designing a studio because they truly dictate where everything should and will go. The studio sessions this week consisted of me cleaning up cables and mics and preparing studios for drum and vocal tracks for a few Indian Music Projects. I met a few guys working on a couple songs to take back home to India and the way they handled this project was crazy cool. The main fella Nahmeen had just finished vocals the day before so when I came in to the studio Anthony was working on Autotune which was great to watch. The rest of the day the producer of the group, Zahmir, came in and just directed the session in a direct and fast pace. Most of the day was spent watching mixing and mastering protocols be done by both Anthony and Zahmir. After the session ended, Anthony and I hung around to clean up the studio and talk about the day. This was a good week indeed. I can’t wait for the next.”

Making my goals and dreams more achievable

“I continue to learn more about microphones, how they work and how you connect them. I learned how to record a mic and live instruments such as drum sets and guitars using pro tools. I physically placed the mics using these different techniques we discussed before and I continue to learn more about pro tools. I’m feeling more confident when it comes to the studio. My mentor and the people in there are very supportive and make me feel comfortable when I’m in the studio allowing me to make beats and use my creativity effectively. I continue to work and gain more knowledge and experience when it comes to the studio making my goals and dreams more achievable. I can’t wait to learn and see what’s next.”

This chapter set my mind in motion to learn the most I can!

“Microphone placement was a very educationally launching chapter because it really brushed over almost everything I did not know about the placement of mics. I mean of course I understood the importance of where and how you place a mic corresponding with your output, but this spelled it out for me and told me why. Not only did I receive the realization that sound can be real peculiar with what type and level of quality mic you use, but also that it all banks on experience. Experience is the one thing that I want to continually get daily, especially with microphone placement. This chapter set my mind in motion to learn the most I can, so I am buying some books today to extend my knowledge!”

Went in for my 5th week at the factory

Went in for my 5th week at the factory

“Went in for my 5th week at the factory on 10/16 to learn about microphones. Matt lent me a great book called Recording The Beatles that gave some great insight on some popular microphones The Beatles used to record their historical and legendary sound. i read the chapter on microphones and it was full of some truly intriguing stuff! It was neat to learn about the different microphones and how they were used and placed to capture the desired sound for that particular instrument or voice. Matt and I discussed all the different microphone styles and how each one used the vibration of air to manufacture sound and this was all new to me.”

I’m really excited to dive more in depth with Pro Tools.

“I learned how to set up a recording such as muting the other tracks soloing one and punching the little red record ready button before starting the recording. I did however make the mistake of cutting the fade off of the humming guitar. I changed the gain so there weren’t any peeked spots in the song. I was even able to bring my friend home and record a few songs of his. I’m really excited to dive more in depth with Pro Tools. Too much time in the week for an eager student against a full time audio engineer!”

I worked on creating aux tracks for the drums of an americana song

“In this chapter I learned many new things about electricity. I learned how electricity flows by using electrons and how they hit each other and move down a wire to create electricity. I learned what voltage, resistance and current are and how they are used in recording and sound. In the studio with Mark Sinko I started working on mixing a song and learning new techniques to make it sound professional. I worked on creating aux tracks for the drums of an americana song and adding reverb and delay and which ones sound appropriate with the style of music. It was very fun and interesting to learn about.”

I’m excited and ready for anything!

I’m excited and ready for anything!

“Just completed chapter 4 and was amazed at the different wires and cables we use! I did good on the quiz which makes me feel good. Can’t wait for Friday to come so I can be back in the studio! Don’t know what I will be doing in the studio Friday but I’m excited and ready for anything!”

My mentor showed me some cool techniques

“Last week in the studio I got some more practice in the SSL 4000 E series console. My mentor showed me some cool techniques on a simple instrumental which consisted of drums, percussion, bass, a pad, and guitar. We made a big drum sound by using parallel compression. On the bass we used a chorus effect which made it stand out bigger and gave it a unique color. On the pad we used some reverb to give it more space and push it back in the mix more. On the guitar we used a subtle slap back delay which made it slightly more spacey and bigger while it fit in the mix better. We also used some eq and compression from the channels on the console. I’ve noticed that I definitely feel more comfortable working on this console now that I have a decent understanding of the signal flow and how everything works. It seems easier to just concentrate on the actual sounds in the mix now that I’m not just trying to figure out how to do something.”

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