Recording Connection Success Stories

What’s up guys, this week was a great week!

“I got to sit in on two sessions, both of which, I was learning from Josh and were in studio B. The first session was on Tuesday (8/11) after my lesson on basic electronics. The client was this very talented guitar player, Nolan James. It was just a mixing session. We knocked out five songs in the four hours he had booked. Nolan was a very cool guy and just an amazing guitar player. The next session was tonight (8/13). The clients name was David Kramer. He had previously recorded acoustic guitars and vocals. Tonight was all about tracking my personal favorite, the electric guitar. We only worked on one song tonight, but this guy has got some talent. His voice is very trained and his guitar playing is exquisite. I actually got to set up the mics and stands tonight. Winterland studios has so much gear.”

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