Recording Connection Success Stories

Today’s lesson was simple but important nonetheless.

“Today was my second day as an apprentice (extern) for House studio in DC. My mentor went over the basics of the Pro Tools keyboard. Previously, he told that many engineers are so eager to start that they forget about the basics and skip to the more advanced part of engineering. He told me evidently that hinders them in the long run, because they miss the basic steps and get tangled up when something goes wrong and they have no idea and it’s a minor problem. So today’s lesson was about shortcuts on the keyboard and the importance of time consuming. Shortcuts are ideal to maximize production in a session. Something so small as being able to cut back 15 seconds every time you touch the keyboard and mouse makes a difference. Shortcuts remind me of cheat codes for games and it’s better to know these cheat codes to have an advantage. Today’s lesson was simple but important nonetheless.”