Recording Connection Success Stories

Time to get our hands dirty!

“My latest trip to the studio has been one of the more educational ones. I came down to the studio and had a few questions for my mentor Joey Heier about sample rate and bit depth in ProTools, as in when to use 24 bit as opposed to 16 bit and things like that. He had a really easy way of breaking down what I didn’t understand and made it make a lot more sense. He also helped me fix a misunderstanding I had with the frequency response of a microphone. I had thought that the frequency response of a mic was how much of the sound it picked up in its respective shape like cardioid or bi-directional. Instead it’s what sound that particular mic is best for. Let’s say we have a bass drum mic, it will have a better lower end so it can pick up the low, bassy kicks better than say a mic with a better high end. I also scored a 92 on my midterm! Joey was real impressed with how well I did. I’m excited for this next lesson on mixing. Time to get our hands dirty!”

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