Recording Connection Success Stories

This week’s lesson was the best yet

“This week’s lesson was the best yet, mostly because we got to talk a lot about Gear, which is probably my favorite subject. Specifically we talked microphones. Before that however we finished up the lesson from the week before on patch bays. Zack fired up some outboard gear and we patched some pink noise from Protools through a couple compressors, an eq, and a reverb. This helped immensely in understanding how patch bays work in practice as I actually got to shove cables into things.

After that we went into the live room and opened up the microphone locker. We went over different kind of dynamic, condenser, and ribbon mics, Zack giving the history and basic design of each. Beyond hearing about how each works and their general pros and cons, I loved hearing about different models, what they might be used for, and their frequency responses. Beyond the beautiful Royer ribbon microphones, the ones that really jumped out at me were the Sennheiser MD 421, Shure SM7, and the AKG D112. Mostly because they’re microphones I could probably one day afford and they have a number of usable studio applications. I’m excited for next week’s lesson in microphone placement.”

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