Recording Connection Success Stories

This week went by pretty fast.

“This week went by pretty fast. The chapter wasn’t that long which was great because there wasn’t that much reading however the material was pretty dense. I got a little bit confused on the labeling of certain concepts but I was straightened out by my mentor Steve. After reviewing the chapter we started to dive a little bit into how Ableton software works and how to shortcut your way into saving hours of time. One of my favorite parts was when Steve showed me Ableton Push which is the controller/launch pad that Ableton created as a tool that would work seamlessly with their software. I couldn’t believe that we were actually kind of making beats in the studio. It may have been simple examples so I could grasp the reality of this dynamic machine but it was still a great feeling. I also have a friend who just got a brand new DJ set up that he has been letting me come and jam on with him. I am very excited to continue the program and I look forward to chapter 3.”

Recording Connection provides unique, mentor-based programs that are affordable, so you can stay in control of your finances.

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