Recording Connection Success Stories

This was the most challenging chapter so far!

“The list seemed to go on and on for all of those devices and gadgets so instead of hopelessly trying to memorize the brands and models, I tried to focus on the purposes and general ideas. This chapter talks a lot about the timeline of the technology in the audio industry. I noticed that the technology was always growing and developing to support more audio tracks, to have higher sample rates, and so on. I realize that this trend will most likely continue for as long as this industry exists, so I’ll have to keep in mind that I’ll always have to keep up with the new ideas. I feel like I had at least somewhat of a head start on understanding this chapter since I started using Ableton in high school, (at a very amateur level), so I was glad I was able to understand thing like projects sometimes needing dozens audio tracks. I still feel like this kind of stuff will mostly just take time to fully understand, and I won’t get it right away just from reading a chapter in a textbook, but this is definitely a great start!”

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