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This was a good week indeed. I can’t wait for the next.

“CABLES! CABLES! CABLES! This week’s lesson was over Digital and Analog audio cables and where they fit in the recording and editing world. I went over all the different types of cables there are like XLR cables, RCA cables, CAT5 cables, and sooo many more! Cables are super important in the profession of being an Audio Engineer because they can connect anything and everything! I also went over Patch Bays and how they are used, what kinds there are, etc. Patch Bays seem like a very important part of designing a studio because they truly dictate where everything should and will go. The studio sessions this week consisted of me cleaning up cables and mics and preparing studios for drum and vocal tracks for a few Indian Music Projects. I met a few guys working on a couple songs to take back home to India and the way they handled this project was crazy cool. The main fella Nahmeen had just finished vocals the day before so when I came in to the studio Anthony was working on Autotune which was great to watch. The rest of the day the producer of the group, Zahmir, came in and just directed the session in a direct and fast pace. Most of the day was spent watching mixing and mastering protocols be done by both Anthony and Zahmir. After the session ended, Anthony and I hung around to clean up the studio and talk about the day. This was a good week indeed. I can’t wait for the next.”

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