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My Seventh week at Atmosphere Recording!

“It has been yet another great week with Recording Connection and Atmosphere Recording this week has also been very educational and ground breaking. During the lesson session I continued working on my project and in the middle of enhancing a track I realized that I was just aimlessly wondering across my mix not knowing what to do and asking Jeremy my mentor every question that came to mind. Later on that evening I ran across a YouTube tutorial on mix bus compression posted by Rob Williams. Inspired by the tutorial I subscribe to Rob’s channel and found two more helpful tutorials. One of the tutorials titled the 5 drivers of mixing is where Rob covers 5 key factors in mixing and the second tutorial How to master a song – The 7 step formula he covers the 7 steps of mastering. After applying these notes I immediately heard a big difference in my mix. Once again I would like to thank Recording Connection and Atmosphere Recording for this opportunity.”

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