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My mentor showed me some cool techniques

“Last week in the studio I got some more practice in the SSL 4000 E series console. My mentor showed me some cool techniques on a simple instrumental which consisted of drums, percussion, bass, a pad, and guitar. We made a big drum sound by using parallel compression. On the bass we used a chorus effect which made it stand out bigger and gave it a unique color. On the pad we used some reverb to give it more space and push it back in the mix more. On the guitar we used a subtle slap back delay which made it slightly more spacey and bigger while it fit in the mix better. We also used some eq and compression from the channels on the console. I’ve noticed that I definitely feel more comfortable working on this console now that I have a decent understanding of the signal flow and how everything works. It seems easier to just concentrate on the actual sounds in the mix now that I’m not just trying to figure out how to do something.”

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