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My first studio session with Mr. Ramos was fantastic!

“My first studio session with Mr. Ramos was fantastic! I actually had some firsthand experience watching him work with an artist and create a master version of her songs for potential radio stations and broadcasts to air. Little did I know, radio stations and personnel will not accept anything but a master version of a single which actually makes sense when you think about it. Any song that is heard over the radio needs to be polished and touched up in order to maximize the musical experience for the audience. I might have a biased opinion on this, but it’s really the audio engineer who is responsible for making sure that the song is well polished, not necessarily the artist. Therefore, I find it most impressive if the artist can perform their songs well for a live audience as they would during a recording session. On the other hand, the performance also depends on the acoustics of the venue in which a concert or event is performed. The artist could very well be on pitch in their immediate area on stage, but when the sound actually reaches the audience, the pitch might have drop as a result of how the architecture of the venue is set up. Therefore, it is critically important for audio engineers to make sure that everything is balanced so the audience gets the best musical experience and then the artist gets a good review.”

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