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Miking is quickly becoming a specialty of mine.

“There’s no better example than one that is hands-on. The information in chapter 6 was expressed greatly by the book, however the examples presented to me by my mentor made all the difference. Microphone placement in most cases is one of those “learn from mistakes” or “adjust as you go” situations. Don’t get me wrong, you should know the best places to mic an acoustic guitar is much different from miking an electric guitar which sometimes is different than miking a bass guitar. However, once you get those microphones in the right spaced pair position on your acoustic guitar, then finding the “sweet spot” is all in your ears. I am lucky enough to have a mentor with a tremendous studio full of equipment and a stage fit for any performer. This allows me to get great examples on how to setup a stage, which mics to use and where to put them for which sound I would like to accent. Miking is quickly becoming a specialty of mine.”

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