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Mastering session.

“I got to sit in on a mastering session the other day and bounce off ideas with Brett. It was fun to be able to use all his pre amps, EQ, effect consols, and everything else he had available. We did a lot of cool changes to the song by adding echo effects in the break down giving it a “spacey” feel as well as adding chorus to the backing vocals which filled up empty spaces. It is crazy how much goes into mastering a song. We spent over 2 hours on a 3 minute song and we only got about 70% of the way finished. Maybe I just slowed him down. It gives me a better look at how much really goes into everything a producer does and it gives me a whole new appreciation for audio engineers. I love how the patience pays off because the songs sound way better than the dry version after all the work is put into it.”

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