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Learn the technical aspects of recording as you work with professional studio equipment

“The biggest thing on my mind is microphones! I’ve gotten most of the way through researching all the mics they have in the studio. I’m going above and beyond and I’m making a spread sheet of every mic and a number of its key characteristics: Frequency response, transducer type, pattern, impedance, sensitivity, max SPL, cost, and general use. It’s really cool to get a general idea of what all these different companies and mics are all about! I’m also downloading all the spec sheets for every mic. I’ll present this package to the studio whether they want it or not. They may find a use for it all someday. I love nerdy stuff like this.

Learning more in depth how all the different cables work and why they are the way they are is cool. I’ve been around all these cables for two decades and understand what and why, but never fully how, until now. I love the science aspects to everything”

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