Recording Connection Success Stories

Introduction to Recording Connection & Mr. Small

“The first session I monitored was under Nate, where I sat along & watched as he mastered vocals for an inspiring hip hop artist. It was a short session entering vocal stabs & adlibs over the main verses that were rapped over an uploaded beat & Nate produced the mixtape meeting beyond the artists satisfaction.

The second session was more in depth & much longer with Nate producing a local band’s work on various production tasks including vocals & instrumentals. The artists were very talented & well rounded playing mostly similar to the genre, rock & roll. Takes included an a cappella, acoustic guitar in an isolation booth with proper microphone phasing, piano, electric guitar riffs, saxophone and more.

The third session which was also my first lesson was with Nate, where he produced another inspiring artist on vocals. Techniques included very minor auto tuning (she didn’t need it), frequency tuning, eq’ing and so forth to set a proper sound & feel for her. After the session, Nate took the lesson given to us from the ebook and applied his own method of teaching with visual representations for every term in the chapter. Thumbs up.

The fourth session was my 2nd lesson. It was a short chapter on electricity and Nate worked to the best of his ability to give as much detail as possible about the curriculum involved. We discussed topics outside of the chapter involving saturation, analog & digital sound waves & the differences between tube & solid state amplifiers. Thumbs up again!”

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