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I’m super excited to start learning about plug-ins and editing

“It’s been a few weeks since my last blog. My mentor was on vacation for 2 weeks so I spent that time going over the material in chapter 9 Pro Tools basics as well as working on learning the music for the project my mentor has me working on. I’ve recently had two sessions with my mentor Dick Orr, and in those sessions we worked on and recorded the a couple of guitar parts within my project as well as editing the bass line I had recorded a few weeks prior. The work on this project has been extremely fun and helpful while learning the studio software and hardware but also enhancing my music abilities. I know the knowledge I gain from completing this music project will aid me when I’m recording other artists and musicians in the future. We also covered the Basics of Pro Tools during these sessions which was awesome because it allowed me not only to go home and apply what I’ve learned to my own personal home projects, but to also see how the basic software functions are similar across other DAW’s. The studio I have my sessions at uses Sonar, so learning not only how things work, but why, will allow me to be able to work with any DAW in any studio and adding to my versatility as an engineer. I’m super excited to start learning about plug-ins and editing/mixing in the upcoming chapters.”

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