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I was pretty excited to have been accepted at the Recording Connection

“I was pretty excited to have been accepted at the Recording Connection, so when I got the call that I was accepted, I was more than happy! My first week of school began on the week of June 15, 2015. I went 2 times to the studio for the week. I stayed approximately 5 1/2 hours each day. My mentor told me he wanted me to have the best experience while with him so if I am not having it, to tell him and just be honest. I like that. Tomorrow I will go back where there will be a session for the first time. I am planning to stay the whole day and I will write my second blog on it tomorrow, well today. I am also glad that I get to communicate with my mentor and can both try and get a flexible schedule so it is convenient to both of us. It was a great first week and I am looking forward to finish this course with a happy ending!”

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