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I loved reading this chapter and going over it with my mentor

“When listening to a song or playing an instrument, I never thought about how it is set up to be recorded before actually listening to it. I loved reading this chapter and going over it with my mentor because it was very intrusting to me how many microphones are needed to make a simple recording. I assumed there were a few needed to record, for example, a drum session, but was extremely surprised that there could be up to fourteen mics used while recording drums. Although not all of them need to be used in the song it is ment for it amazes me that there can even be that much space around the drums to have that many. Going into the studio this week I got to breifly see where a few mics go with a drum set, speakers, piano, and guitar. I hope to soon be able to set up a session myself and memorize each placement of a microphone and the best mic used for the instrument. “

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