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I look forward to sitting in on another recording session and playing a bigger role in it.

“The next time I went to the studio I had a chance to sit in on a recording session with Luis and a local Hip Hop artist. I actually had the chance to get a little involved in the recording session a couple times. I adjusted the microphone stand height, changed the polar pattern on the mic from cardiod to omni (to try a different sound), and added another set of headphones to the Private Q box. The majority of the time I was observing and trying to learn and understand the flow of a recording session. It was interesting to watch a song being created from beginning to end. First was placing the prerecorded instruments and sounds into different Pro Tools tracks. After that, the verses, chorus, and ad-libs were each recorded separately, then pieced together in Pro Tools. Again, I got to see and hear how some parts of the song were recorded twice, then overlapped into separate tracks on Pro Tools to give the voice a fuller effect. There was a lot going on in the Pro Tools session, with recording, effects and mastering all happening simultaneously, but Luis was pretty good about occasionally letting me know what he was doing and why. Overall it was a good learning experience and I look forward to sitting in on another recording session and playing a bigger role in it.”

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