Recording Connection Success Stories

I finally had a chance to blend a mix and it was fantastic!

“I was in the studio Monday and Tuesday this week going over chapters 3 and 4 learning about digital audio formats, quantization errors, sampling rates, and ADCs, bit depth and how that is related to amplitude, the Nyquist Theorem. We even had a chance to talk about some of the first digital recorders that he used when he first started audio engineering himself and to see how much technology has progressed to make recording more efficient. Signal flow is also important when micing instruments and getting the best sound quality. There is so much that goes into producing the best sound quality when recording that when you’re just an average listener listening to music on the radio or an album that people don’t even realize! I always wondered how albums sounded so “perfect”. Now I know why. Yes, artists are incredibly talented, but watching how Edwin does his job as an audio engineer brings a lot of things to light.”

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