Recording Connection Success Stories

Here we go. This is what I’ve been waiting for.

“Here we go. This is what I’ve been waiting for. Since I was fifteen, when I knew I wanted to be an engineer and producer, I researched education options and found this program and couldn’t wait to apply and get started. Now I’m here! This journey is going to be amazing, an incredible experience with so much professional and personal growth to be had. I’m absorbing everything coming my way.

The first scheduled session with my mentor Pierre, who is awesome and super knowledgeable, was intended to go over lesson one. When I got to the studio I learned that a last minute tracking session was taking place. So instead of going over my lesson I got to dive in and observe the tracking session of an alternative rock band which was just as good if not better than the lesson planned! I got to see firsthand the workflow of an engineer and how the engineer communicates with the client to achieve the goals of the session. Pierre guided me through the moves he was making on ProTools as the band tracked which was cool, I got to see various plug ins and ask questions on what each plug in did to a track. Afterwards, when the vocalist was finishing up with Pierre, I pulled back the mics that were used for the drums and disconnected and wrapped the mic cables. After that I got to intern at the Rehearsal Works facility. Bo really showed me the ropes and I saw what his job is like at Rehearsal Works. We organized each Rehearsal space, making sure each room was neat and organized and had the proper equipment needed for bands to practice. We also moved a drum kit back into the tracking room in the studio. That first session was amazing because I got firsthand experience with the workflow of an engineer as well as familiarizing myself with the equipment.

The next session consisted of going over the first lesson: sound and hearing. Pierre showed me the patch bay of the analog console that is being rebuilt in the studio which was cool to see. We then started up the IO’s and the computer and dove into the lesson. That first lesson was great because Pierre helped me understand the concepts that I was having a hard time grasping such as phase, phase shift, mono and stereo sources and sound perception. He really explained sound in such a way that made sense in my mind, such as how binary information is turned into sound and how we perceive those sounds. Something really insightful that I took away from that first lesson was that as an engineer you have to be a critical listener, how are the dynamics, what instruments are you hearing, where are those instruments, are they in the front or back, left or right? This first lesson clicked for the most part and I’m very glad it did. I can’t wait to dig deeper and gain more of an understanding of this crazy thing we call recording!”

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