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“Today we went over the different uses of amplifiers. They can be designed to amplify, equalize, combine, distribute, or isolate a signal. At the heart of any amplifier is either a vacuum tube or a semiconductor-type transistor series of devices. The analogy the book uses is, the tubes work like a water hose hooked up to a high pressure valve, where a little trickle of water can be turned into a high stream of water and back to just a trickle. We then discussed the importance of having proper impedance matching the pre amp you may be using to correspond properly to the mic you’re using, that is very important otherwise your recording will not sound right. We also discussed solid state versus tube amps, you can get a crisp punch from solid state but nothing can beat the lush euphonic sound that tube amps produce. That conversation was kind of funny with my mentor, just because this man has the most incredible variety of super sick vintage tube amps ever.”

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