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First Day on the Job

“My first day in the studio blew me away. Matt was recording bass and guitar for an upcoming country artist out of LA. Her bandmates and producer drove all the way from LA to Portland to record her first EP. Even though I didn’t do much but observe, I started to develop what a day in the studio is like (on a busy day). I watched how they had to set up amps here and plug mic chords in there, it was a bit overwhelming. Then for about an hour the bass player sat down and would patiently record and re-record here and there. I just saw the ‘flow’ of it all. The breaks here and there but for the most part just constant recording. Everyone in the studio was synergizing with each other and adding in bits of helpful advice constantly. Matt and Jason were showing each other what this and that sounded like while helping the artists’ record. I remember Taylor was rushing a certain part in his guitar solo and everyone helped him get it down. The energy was alive and it made me beyond stoked for what lies ahead.”

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