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“Well that’s because I thought this chapter was really cool. Reverb is a time based effect that allows you to direct your listener’s ears. Church choirs record in music halls because they are naturally reverberated. The hall has a natural echoing sound that adds a nice density to the music. People sound really good signing in the shower because it’s naturally reverberated. Before we were able to recreate reverb on our DAWs we used echo chambers. The bounced around sounds would be recorded from the room and added to the tracks to produce reverberation. The sounds recorded from the room are known as wet, and the original sound is known as dry. It’s so easy now-a-days to add reverb to your tracks via audio plug-ins. Some other time-based effects are flanging, chorusing, and phasing. What make these three effects different are the delay times. A delay happens when the audio signal is stored and set to play back at a certain interval of time.”

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