Recording Connection Success Stories

Already found out something I didn’t know!

It’s a very good thing my mentor is a drummer like myself. My drum sound is going to be great! Our first lesson we mic’d up a kit (very simple; kick, 2 overheads, and top/bottom snare mics) and my mentor showed me what the deal is with overheads and why people have phase issues. Why I have phase issues.

I’ve always been told to put overhead mics parallel and equal distances from each other, which is still good, but if your not careful the mic’s will cancel each other out. Chapter 1 said the same thing with waves that are flipped 180 degrees cancel the other out. I’ve spent a lot of time in reaper and logic trying to figure out why my overheads sound bad or are quiet when they should be loud.

I took this home and oh my god what a difference. Same goes with the bottom snare mic (which I’ve been stupidly underestimating). Especially with the particular snare I’m using (a GMS brass/maple hybrid) it was very, very beneficial to use the top mic to gain all my warmth and body, the natural overtones of the drum/head and to use the bottom to get the brightness and actual “snare” sound of my wires against the resonant head.

Can’t wait to learn more!

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