Recording Connection Success Stories

Acoustically Speaking

“What I loved about this chapter was the fact, that you can truly “calculate” the details of how to build your room. Put pen to paper, and meticulously create a space that will work well for your needs. Do you want more room sound? Great, treat the room accordingly. Do you want a totally dead room? No problem…treat the room this way. Much of this really boils down to going after what you want, and realizing that different projects will have different necessities for sound. It’s important as an audio engineer to try and prepare for as many scenarios as you can, so that you’re ready for whatever your clients throw at you. Or…at very least…know where you can rent the space to do it! At the end of the day this was a very helpful chapter to open my eyes to the importance of Acoustics, and to pay closer attention (and not take for granted) how much of a difference Acoustics, and the treatment there of, make in the whole process!”

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