Why You Need Hands-On Learning When it Comes to Audio

If you ask any professional, any music producer, any audio engineer, any radio broadcaster, any filmmaker, you ask them, “What’s the best way to learn?” They’ll all tell you that they all learned hands-on. So much of what goes into being a great filmmaker, great music producer, or broadcaster can’t be learned out of a book. The way professionals engage with clients, with artists, their business sense, people sense, and even their techniques, you can’t learn in a classroom.

That’s not to say that there’s no place for theory and classrooms. There are, as long as you keep yourself out of debt. If you are serious about a career in music, radio, or film and just to say media, find someone who will allow you to extern under them and to learn hands-on.

Get your hands on the software, on the hardware, on the cameras, on the consoles. You’ve got to get your hands on the microphones. You’ve got to get inside the broadcasting booth, inside the film production company or on the set, inside the recording studio, and you’ve got to work with real clients. If you don’t do that but want to work in the business, getting your education then finding your way into the industry can be a challenge. You can meet many graduates from some of the most lauded colleges, universities, and programs who, sad to say, never, ever find their in. We do it differently. With us, you start out inside, then set your sights on learning as much of the actual hands-on aspect of the craft as well as the theoretical and technical which are also addressed in our industry-focused curriculums. You won’t spend years in school for audio, or film, or broadcasting with us either. You can get in and get on with that career in approximately six to nine months.

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