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Why Are You Going To Audio School?


Why are you going to school? If you’re like most people, you’re looking at going to audio school to get a job. If that is your reason for attending an audio engineering, music production, recording, sound technician school, then here are a few things to know about working in audio and music production.

Degrees and certifications of completion do not get you a job. A great demo reel will not get you a job nor will having a fancy resume. And being tens of thousands of dollars in debt from student loans will definitely not help you get a job and so that you can get going at building your career.

So, what does get you a job in the audio business? Two things: experience and references. That’s where the Recording Connection comes in.

There’s an old Catch 22: how do you get experience when you can’t get a job without it. It’s an age-old dilemma that has stymied many a trade school graduate. On the other hand, Recording Connection students graduate with experience because they have been externing under a professional audio engineer or music producer in their real-world recording studios. While they extern, they sit in and may work on, and even run audio sessions for real clients. And that counts for experience in the real world.

The other dilemma facing trade school graduates and graduates of four year universities and the like is they only connect you with other students and teachers who probably are not working in the music business. And while many of these people may be fine individuals, eve their letters of reference might not mean as much as the support and reference of an actively working professional with years of experience and many industry contacts.

Because the music industry is a closed industry, if you don’t know someone on the inside, getting hired can be extremely challenging. With the Recording Connection, students start on day one with meeting a professional audio engineer, music producer or studio owner and then have six months to develop that relationship. More importantly, over their six month externship, Recording Connection students have the opportunity of meeting other music business insiders during the course of their externship when they sit in on, help out on, or even run recording sessions. And every one of them can be an industry reference.

So, if you are thinking of attending audio school, ask yourself why are you thinking about it. If the answer is to get hired in the music business, then ask yourself, does the school I’m considering provide me with experience and references that matter? Do your due diligence. We’ll be here to answer your questions at (800) 755-7597.

Our Approach to Education

We are not like ordinary audio or trade schools. We don’t waste your time in classrooms. This is the world of audio. Everything you need to know should be taught in the real world. We are unique, out-of-the-box thinkers. After over 3 decades service—we have the formula that works:

Private Mentor in Professional Recording Studio
Faculty: Private Academic Facilitator
Online, Interactive Curriculum
Meaningful Industry Connections
Hands-on Learning in a Recording Studio (Not a College Classroom)

A Recipe forSuccess!

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