Where are Opportunities Found in the Music Business?

Look, let’s honest for a second. Life really isn’t that hard. We just make it hard. We really do. Human beings are really, really good at getting in their own way. They really are. They have PhDs in being screw ups. They have PhDs in stupidity. But hopefully, those that are watching this are a lot smarter than that. They hear a higher calling.

Let’s not mince words. What is life? Life is about, essentially, opportunities. Get opportunities. Are you going to seize those opportunities? It’s real simple. How do you get opportunities in a trade school classroom of 400 people? Even easier than that, how do you find opportunities in a trade school classroom with 20 people? There are no opportunities in trade school classrooms.

There are no opportunities in film schools, traditional film schools. There are no opportunities in broadcasting schools. There are no opportunities, frankly, at Harvard. There are no opportunities in college classrooms. That is an outdated model. It’s a dinosaur.

So the question is where do you find opportunities. If they’re not in a classroom, where are they? Are they at Starbucks? No, probably not. No offense to Starbucks, great coffee. Are they at your local market? Not really. Are they at a local club? Maybe, not really. Do you want to stand outside on a street corner with a sign saying, “I’ll work. I’m really smart. I have an education in Pro Tools.” You could try that. Come on, but let’s be real. Where are the opportunities? Where are they?

Well, for music, they’re in recording studios. For film, they’re in film production companies. Studios, they’re on sets. For broadcasting, they’re in radio stations. That’s where the opportunities are. And guess what? That’s exactly where the Recording, Radio and Film Connection trains you. Right where the opportunities, when they exist, are. Real simple. We train you where the opportunities are most likely to arise.

If you are an outlier, if you’re smart, if you’re hard-working, if you’re tenacious, if you’re mean and respectful and if you keep your eyes open, you will seize those opportunities. And if you seize those opportunities, then you’ll seize on a second opportunity and a third opportunity. And guess what? Pretty soon, without ever having to fall into debt, you will be 25-years-old or 35-years-old or 42-years-old or whatever, and you will have a career.

That’s how simple this so-called difficult life is. Getting a career is just about hanging around the right people. There’s an old saying. If you want to be rich, don’t hang out with poor people. Well, in the media business, in the recording, radio, and film businesses, if you want to be successful, do not hang out in a trade school classroom. It’s murder. Hang out where jobs are given out, where we teach you.

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