We Tailor our Music Curriculum for You

At the Recording Connection, the Radio Connection, and the Film Connection is we do two things. We educate you in the technical aspects so you can be competent and go out there and get a job, but we’re also listening to who you want to be as a creator.

We’re saying to you, okay, who do you want to be? Got it. You want to be a hip hop music producer. You want to be an electronic music producer, or you want to be a country music audio engineer. Or you love heavy metal, or rock ‘n’ roll or jazz or classical. Or you just want to be a studio owner or a film production company.

In other words, we listen to your big dream, but we also at the same time train you for your Plan B. We take care of your Plan A, which is you want to hit the big time. You want to live the life of a famous music producer in the music example or a famous film director. Got it. We’re going to match you with the person who can educate you in that way. We’re going to help you write your screenplay, or we’re going to help you make your perfect demo tape as a music producer.

At the same time, we’re also educating you for your Plan B, but check it out, in an environment where you could get hired. Very important. As you’re going to school in the, let’s say, recording studio that we’ll put you in, you’re auditioning for a job. But, while you’re doing that, while you’re getting educated as an extern on the job, you’re also making beats. Or if it’s, for example, rock ‘n’ roll or country, you’re going out there and finding a band and producing that band. Or if it’s electronic music, you’re making an electronic music demo.

So at the end of this educational experience you’ve got contacts for a real job, if you need it, and you’ve got the know-how and the demo tape or film reel so you can access your bigger dream. Plan A and Plan B, both are addressed when you’re educated with the Recording, Radio, and Film Connection. And frankly, if we’re honest, no other school on the planet does that. They don’t have the bandwidth to do that. We do.

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