The Best Way To Learn For A Job In The Recording Studio

Students and parents have, frankly, been, if you like, brainwashed into believing that the best way to learn is inside a crowded classroom. And so many of us, when we’re searching for an audio school or a music production school, are looking for these big institutions where there’s classrooms in a campus [which is] Completely counterproductive to your ultimate goal of getting a job. It actually hurts your chances of getting a job. And it’s sad because we’ve been brainwashed by our leaders and by CEOs and COOs. And we’ve been brainwashed by educators, frankly. And I’m not saying it’s a conspiracy. They think they’re doing the right thing. They’re wrong. They’re not doing the right thing. They’re doing the wrong thing. They’re doing the exact opposite of the right thing. Because the right thing would be to tell you the only way to get a job in the music business is to get yourself in the music business.

But you see, that doesn’t sell seats in the classroom. So they don’t tell you that, right? That doesn’t sell federal aid and financial aid. So they don’t tell you that. But that fact is, it’s the only way to get a job. It’s how I got a job at Warner Brother Records when I was 18 years old. I beat down the door until they hired me. They did not ask me what school I went to. They didn’t ask me, “Did you go to UCLA or USC? Where’d you go? NYU? SAE? Full Sail? Or?” They didn’t ask me that. They said, “Can we trust you Brian?” And I said, “Let me prove myself to you.” I looked them right in the eye and said, “Let me prove myself to you.” And that’s exactly what you do as a Recording Connection extern. Yes, you’re paying a tuition, a small tuition relative to the other schools. Yes, you’re taking a structured course curriculum. Yes, you’re guaranteed to learn one-on-one. Yes, you’re guaranteed job placement. Yes, you’re given Pro Tools. Yes, you’re given your books and materials. Yes, we offer private tutoring. And we offer all the things that all the other schools offer. In fact, much, much, more and much better. But that’s not what’s going to get you a job.

Our offerings as a licensed educational institution is not going to get you a job. What is? Two things. Are you in proximity, meaning are you close to someone that can hire you? Does he/she know you is a fancy way of saying it. Does the person whom is giving the job know you? Whatever your name is; Steven, Jeremy, David, Stacy. Do they know you? Can they trust you? Have they seen the way you work? Right? And can they trust you? That’s it. The Recording Connection simply, when you break it all down, puts you in the door of a real recording studio where you get to prove if you’re competent and if you’re trustworthy. And if you are competent and trustworthy, over time as you build one connection after another. So, you take your first 5 connections and you go to parties, and you write good emails, and you write good letters, and you show up on time, and you’re a good student, and you build that 5, and you expand those 5 connections into 10. And those 10 connections into 15, and 20, and 25, and 30. And pretty soon, someone’s going to offer you a job. That’s how it works.

Recording Connection provides unique, mentor-based programs that are affordable, so you can stay in control of your finances.

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