Making Dream Careers in Audio Possible

At Recording Connection we’re all about supporting you when it comes to building your dream career. This mentor made his dream career come true through years of hard work. Check us out if you want to be an electronic music composer. Check us out if you want to be a DJ. Check us out if you want to be a hip hop mogul or a hip hop producer, a beatmaker, or if you want to own your own your own studio in Nashville or LA or New York or wherever. Check us out if you want to be an audio engineer. Check us out if you have bigger dreams, and you want to be the next Timbaland or the next Rick Rubin. In other words, a major music producer.

We will take your dreams, and focus the curriculum for you based on our structured course. then place you with a teacher who is actually out there in the real world in your city or town, and you will study underneath them. We can accept you if you are serious. We will accept you if you are hard working. If you are hardworking, if you are serious, and no matter what genre of music you are most interested in, we can train you for a dream career in that field.

Recording Connection mentor Josh Monroy’s “trick” to making his dream into reality was being at the right place at the right time. First hired at Tree Sound Studios in Atlanta, Georgia as an intern, Josh’s duties included sweeping the floor, taking the trash out, going on coffee runs, getting food. Back then, even the smallest things mattered, like getting the food order right because the studio owner could say, “Why am I going to trust you with a $2 million recording studio if you can’t get the order right?” So heed those simple lessons Josh has to share. Pay attention to detail, it really carries over to all other aspects, and it’s something that he’s a stickler with with the externs he trains from Recording Connection.

Another bit of advice to take to heart: Show up early and prepare. Preparation is so important. Like many other Recording Connection mentors, staff, and advisors, Josh recommends to get there at least 30 minutes before a recording session to run some signals, play some music, and see what the room sounds You don’t want your client to see you sweating if you don’t have the signal flow setup right. If you’re renting the room or are coming into their session, you want the client to be impressed saying things like “Wow, he’s never worked here before, but he knows the setup.” It’s actually because you got there early, ran the microphone through the signal path, and found any problems and fixed them in time.

Even something simple like that makes you look so good because you have already familiarized yourself with that room and know what it sounds like. Maybe you ran your favorite song through the auxiliary and tested the speakers which you’ve never used before. Play a song that’s very familiar to you and get the studio setup and everything ready to go, so all the technical things are out of the way and you’re ready to hit Record.

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