Know How and Know Who – The Key to Life

Recording Connection mentor Donny Baker shares what it takes to make it in the music business. If you’re going to establish yourself in a studio and in the industry, you need to be an asset. Being someone a music producer, studio owner, or audio engineer can depend upon and who can come in and dedicate themselves to doing the work means a lot in the business of making music. Being there, i.e. coming into the studio regularly means a lot. For working professionals like Donny, that’s the biggest thing; just being there, showing up, and making yourself indispensable to the pro you’re working with. And, if you can do things nobody else can do, that’s what professionals need. That’s what Donny did and that’s how he got to where he’s at today. And, in his opinion, that’s what you have to do to get working and stay working in the music industry.

It comes down to know how and know who. Meaning, you have to have the know-how. You have to know how to do something, and you have to know the people who can put you in a position to make money doing that which you now know. If you’re a brilliant, genius music producer and you know no one, that’s probably not going to get you far. So in that scenario, you may know how, but you don’t know who. What the Recording, Radio & Film Connection does is it teaches you the know-how while at the same exact time we’re introducing you to who you need to know to make it in today’s business. The same could be said in other facets of the arts and media besides music, audio engineering, and music production, including filmmaking, radio broadcasting, the culinary arts, all program areas of Recording Radio Film Connection & CASA Schools (RRFC). Know how and know who. We are the only school who trains you and connects you at the exact same time.

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