Exceeding Our Recording Students’ Expectations

We exceed our students’ expectations. To us, the customer is not only always right. To us, the customers are students. They are our children. We look at each and every one of our students and say, “How can we exceed his or her expectation?” We’re old school that way. How do we do that? Let’s talk turkey, as they say. How do we do that? By providing tutoring, if needed, at no additional cost to each and every one of our students and graduates.

So, let’s say, you’re stuck on Lesson four or Lesson five. You have a question that your mentor has answered for you twice, but you’re still not getting it. You call the Recording, Radio & Film Connection main office. You set up a time to be tutored. And we will remotely access your computer and spend as long as you need tutoring you. You need five hours? We’ll do it.

Here’s another example. Let’s say everything is going fine with your education. You’re getting it. You’re working one on one with your mentor. Everything is beautiful, but you want to learn another program. You’re learning Pro Tools with your mentor, for the recording example, but you want to, say, learn Fruity Loops or Reason or Logic or Ableton Live. Call our private tutoring. And so you know, you’re not given . . . It’s not just one hour or two hours and it’s one-on-one too. Call us and we’ll teach you the secondary program.

That’s one way we exceed our customers’ expectation, our students’ expectation. The other way, you cannot imagine the power of learning from an industry professional whose been doing this for 30 years. Let me explain. Traditional schools give you a teacher, a classroom of 30 or more kids, and you learn that way. Fine. That’s great. Let’s say the curriculum’s perfect there. What aren’t you getting there? How are your expectations not being exceeded in that model?

I’ll tell you how. You don’t learn secrets. This entire industry, music, recording, radio, film, and media, in general, all of it is accomplished by people who have been doing it and are experts at the field. And therefore, they have secrets. They have things they know that work and things they know that don’t work. And none of those things are published in school curriculum.

They’re all in the hearts, minds, and the brains of these professionals that we’re talking about. These are your teachers at our school, and these teachers who are teaching you one on one are imparting that information to you. You’re learning the secrets. That’s another way we exceed our customers’ expectation.

Number three, our school says if you have a problem, you should be talking to the president. You should be talking to the vice president. So if there’s a problem that our staff, our counselors, our services departments can’t help you with, go to our website, look for me under About Us. Look for our president, Mr. James Petulla. Call or e-mail one of us, and we’ll call you back the very next day.

Fourth way that we exceed our customers’ expectations, we have the best job placement services of any school on the planet. Let me explain how it works. Remember, every single one of our teachers, not some of them, every single one of our teachers are working professionals. They make their living working in the music, radio, or film business.

Therefore, think about it. Your teacher knows 40, 50, 60, 70 clients, people who have hired him or her before. When you become one of our students, you, therefore, know those 60, 70 people as well eventually. But check this out.

Let’s say your mentor, your teacher can’t hire you at the end of our program? Guess who we call next? If he says, “Sorry. I love John but I can’t hire him.” Guess who we call next on your behalf? The other 300 mentors that we work with.

So if you times three or what? It’s probably 400 mentors now, by 60 people, this are the people we’re accessing on your behalf once you’re a graduate. This is thousands of people in the working media business, the radio, film, and recording business that we’re accessing on your behalf. That’s job placement.

Let me explain. Other schools’ job placement, they have 10, 20, 30, 100 studios they know of. And at the end of your graduation, at the end of your time with that school, they most likely will hand you a piece of paper and say, “Call these guys.” Good luck with that.

Good luck with that because, remember, it’s not just you calling those 20 or 30 or 40 studios. It’s all of your graduating class calling them, too. It’s all of the people from the previous graduating class. And it’s all of the people from the graduating class before that. And it’s all of the people who didn’t go to your school, who went to another school, who are also calling those studios. And they are all, including you, calling them cold.

You have no connection to them. Your only connection to them is that you’ve read their name on a piece of paper. That’s not how we do it. When we call for our graduates, we call people who actually can do the hiring and have hired our graduates before. And whamo, you’re in the front door right away.

That’s why we have such a high job placement success rate. These are the ways we exceed our customers’ expectations.

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