Steve Wright and Drew Lamond, Recording Connection teachers and Engineers for hip hop legend Mos Def are now accepting applicants to learn in their studio as an extern (apprentice) - Only through the Recording Connection.

Steve Wright, Audio Engineer, is a Teacher at Recording Connection
This is Steve and Drew’s recording studio, and your classroom with the Recording Connection, the only program that gets you in the door of a Real Recording Studio as an extern.

More on Steve Wright and Drew Lamond – Audio Engineers and Acclaimed Recording Connection Teachers

Steve Wright and Drew Lamond are two of our most highly-acclaimed mentors. They consistently assist new and aspiring professionals with pursuing their goals in the music industry.

Steve and Drew have worked with Jay-Z, Slipknot, Danity Kane, Drowning Pool, Mos Def, MIA, Avril Lavigne, Ryan Leslie, Dru Hill, Sisqo, Kanye West, Mario, Cassie, 98 Rock, and Heavy D.

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Steve Wright, Audio Engineering Mentor at Recording Connection
We believe the Recording Connection is the best audio engineering and producing school alternative in the United States. When you enroll in the Recording Connection you’re enabling yourself. You’re putting yourself in prime position to make connections and learn new skills, getting yourself in the right spot to learn up close and personal. With us, you’re learning in a real recording studio and you’re working with a real professional.

How to Learn Music Producing and Engineering +
How to Break Into the Music Business:


Learn from a Professional like Steve Wright and Drew Lamond as an extern in their studio, where you will have a shot to prove yourself.


Avoid over-priced trade schools that train you in a classroom or labs.


Become a Recording Connection extern and learn one on one from the very people making the music you listen to and admire.



– OR –

Steve Wright, one of the Recording Connection audio engineering school alternative’s most acclaimed mentors.

By enrolling with the Recording Connection and externing with Steve Wright and Drew Lamond, you’re instantly kicking your career into overdrive. You’re moving from zero to hero in almost no time flat.

Apprentice with Mos Def's Audio Engineers with the Recording Connection

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