Solutions Based Education

CHALLENGE #1: Having enough connections to land a gig.

Many audio students graduate to find that they are now competing with thousands of people for a limited amount of jobs.

SOLUTION: The Recording Connection trains you inside a real recording studio where you can be educated as an apprentice (extern) as you make connections to find a job or gig i.e. freelance and permanent work in audio.

CHALLENGE #2: Getting enough work experience to become employable in the real world.

Many audio students graduate to discover they have no “real world experience.”

SOLUTION:  The Recording Connection not only trains you privately with our curriculum, we show you how to perform in the real world by letting you observe, assist, and work on real sessions with your mentor.

CHALLENGE #3: Getting enough hands-on time to become skilled on the gear.

Many audio students struggle to schedule enough experience on the equipment.

SOLUTION: The Recording Connection guarantees that you will have plenty of time with your mentor, and we will always get you into the studio to practice your chops. We also guarantee you private, unlimited tutoring. We give you one-on-one training as an apprentice (extern), and we stand by it.