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Tim Palmer
More Success Stories
More Success Stories (cont)
More Success Stories (cont)
Introduction to Sound and Hearing – Lesson 1
Basic Electronics – Audio Engineering Lesson 2
Digital Audio Production – Audio Engineering Lesson 3
Audio Connectors, Connectivity, and Audio Signal Flow – Lesson 4
Microphone Placement Techniques – Lesson 5
Microphone Placement – Lesson 6
Music Tracking – Lesson 7
Introduction to Pro Tools – Lesson 8
Learn Pro Tools Basics – Lesson 9
Digital Audio Plugins and Plugin Processors – Lesson 10
Audio Engineering Mid-term Exam – Lesson 11
Music Mix Theory – Lesson 12
Music Equalization – Lesson 13
Dynamic Signal Processing – Lesson 14
Time-Based FX – Lesson 15
USB, MIDI, and Beat Matching – Lesson 16
Automation in Pro Tools – Lesson 17
Acoustics and Monitoring – Lesson 18
Music Mastering – Lesson 19
Lesson 20
Meet Our Mentors
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Student Spotlight – Dec08
Recording Connection Movie
50 Cent
Alice in Chains
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Michael Jackson
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Pearl Jam
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Student Showcase
Student Spotlight – Feb09
Real Testimonials – Transcripts 01
Real Testimonials – Transcripts 02
Real Testimonials – Transcripts 03
Real Testimonials – Transcripts 04
Real Testimonials – Transcripts 05
Real Testimonials – Transcripts 06
Real Testimonials – Transcripts 07
Real Testimonials – Transcripts 08
Real Testimonials – Transcripts 09
Real Testimonials – Transcripts 10
Real Testimonials – Transcripts 11
Real Testimonials – Transcripts 12
Real Testimonials – Transcripts 13
Real Testimonials – Transcripts 14
Success Stories, Jan 2011
Blake La Grange, Las Vegas, NV
Chris Biggin, Dallas, TX
Daniel Neilson, Atlanta, GA
Jane Song, Los Angeles, CA
Luther Banks, Atlanta, GA
Gabe Green, Little Rock, AR
Richard Martens
Scott Buzzell, Baldwinsville, NY
Vincent Campos, Houston, TX
Take a Tour
Does it matter where you live if you want a music career?
Charles Buckley, Denver, CO
Dana Kilcrease, Fishkill, NY
Ian Thompson
Jason Guzman, Washingtonville, NY
Jesse Rothman, Lebanon, NJ
John Digiacomo, Philadelphia, PA
Justin Lomelino, Oak Park, IL
Mitchell White, Dorr, MI
Steve Foggin
Travis Cole, Parker, CO
May 2011 Success Stories
Understanding Different College Degrees in Music
Finding Work after Recording School
Getting a Job After Recording School
How to Start Up Your Own Business in Music
Choosing Music Worth Recording
How Much Does a Studio Cost to Build | Recording Connection
Is this Real?
Importance of Hardware in a Recording School
Common Software Programs in the Recording Studio
Making Music for Film and Television
Producing a Recording Project
How to Record a Song at Home
Success Stories, June 2011
Success Stories, July 2011
Success Stories, August 2011
BJ Francisco, Chicago, IL
Jasmine Charleston, Atlanta, GA
Joey Merichko
Ozzy Williams, New York, NY
Overview of School Fee Waivers
Places to Look for Scholarships
Tips for Finding Financial Aid through Private Programs
Pros and Cons of Recording School
Our Campus
Rob Burnett
Understanding Technology and Music
The Critical Flaw with Recording Schools
The Best Way to Learn to Record Music
November 2011 Reviews from our Students and Graduates
Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers
Do You Need to Learn Logic Pro to Work In Audio?
What is Reason Software?
Why You Need to Learn Pro Tools
Is Music School Right for You?
How Recording Schools Fail to Help Their Students
Will Recording School Improve My Chances for Success?
A Balanced Perspective on Recording Schools
Top 10 Things to Look For in Audio Engineering School
How the Best Audio Engineering Schools Can Still Fail You
Neil Schultz
James Njau, Hartsdale, NY
Kyle McPherson, Clearwater, FL
Pierre Navales, Salt Lake City, UT
The Critical Flaw of Audio Engineering Schools: A History
Do You Need Audio Engineering Scholarships?
Judge Mathis and the Recording Connection: Teaming up to Create Unique Career Opportunities
Terms of Service
Recording Connection Audio Engineering School: Direct Access to the Music Industry
How to Get Audio Engineering Certification
The Problem With Audio Engineering Schools
Do I Need an Audio Engineering Degree?
Recording Connection Provides Real-World Training
Recording Arts Review – Lesson 1
Dynamic Range Compression (Compression) – Lesson 2
SoundReplacer and Drumagog – Lesson 3
Elastic Audio and Elastic Pitch Pro Tools – Lesson 4
Music Tracking – Lesson 5
Finishing Drum and Bass Performances – Lesson 6
Overdubbing – Lesson 7
Overdubbing Vocals and Background – Lesson 8
How to Mix a Song – Lesson 9
How to Master a Song – Lesson 10
How to use autotune – Lesson 11
How to Produce a Song – Lesson 12
What is Tracking in Music – Lesson 13
Bass & Drum Tracking – Lesson 14
Layering in Music – Lesson 15
Mixing Vocals – Lesson 16
Music Mixing Techniques & Methods – Lesson 17
Music Mastering, File formatting, and Conversion – Lesson 18
Music Business – Lesson 19
Music Industry – Lesson 20
Lilly Carey, New York, NY
Rachael Kylie, Taylorsville, UT
Darlene Pech, Tyngsboro, MA
Todd Talbot, Denver, CO
Thomas Gentil, Seattle, WA
Kyle Thurman, Los Angeles, CA
Matt Baker, Miami, FL
Shoneen Stenftenagel, St. Anthony, IN
Anthony Alvarez, Las Vegas, NV
Anthony Zuniga, Philadelphia, PA
Brian Piper
Anthony Opher, Philadelphia, PA
Peter Rodriguez, Marietta, GA
Ben Eklund, Philadelphia, PA
Juma Spears, Forth Worth, TX
Andrew Kirk, Tampa, FL
Frank Gillis, Tampa, FL
RRFC Endorsements
JJ Moser, Los Angeles, CA
Richard Sawchuk Finds Success After Graduating from the Recording Connection
Brandon Skylar, Bethlehem, PA
Warren Huart, Recording Connection Mentor
Military Discounts
What Will I Learn?
Live Sound Engineering
Welcome Aspiring Music Producers!
Music Business
Straight Talk with Recording Connection Mentors
Electronic Music Production School with Logic Pro
Hip Hop / Beat Making
Live DJ
Chaka Harley – One of Recording Connection’s Top Mentors
Jesse O’Brien, Producer for Eminem and Kanye West, Teaches for Recording Connection
Yudu Gray, Jr., Producer and Engineer for Lady Gaga, Mentors for Recording Connection
Motley Crue’s Producer is a Private Tutor for Recording Connection
Missy Elliott’s Music Producer, Sax DMA, is a Recording Connection Teacher
David Gicking, a Recording Connection Teacher, Produces for John Mayer
U2’s Audio Engineer, Christian Cummings, is a Mentor for the Recording Connection
Producer for Dave Matthews Band, Jay Dudt, is a Recording Connection Private Tutor
Michael Jackson’s Audio Engineer, Bryan Sims, is a Recording Connection Mentor
John King, Audio Engineer for Jay-Z, is a Mentor at Recording Connection
Recording Connection Mentor, Ben Franklin, Works with Snoop Dogg
Tom Whiting, Producer for Alicia Keys, is a Recording Connection Mentor
Steve Wright and Drew Lamond, Producers for Mos Def, are Recording Connection Mentors
Travis Harrington, Recording Engineer for Iconic Rapper Drake, is a Recording Connection Mentor
Producer for Justin Timberlake, Mike Johnson, is a Recording Connection Mentor
Native Instrument Careers
Learn Reason with the Recording Connection
Learn Waves Audio with Recording Connection
Recording Connection Partners with Pensado’s Place
Mentor: Matt Stein, Brooklyn, NY
Dustin Bannister, St. Louis, MO
Clint Badal, Modesto, CA
Take Charge of Your Music Career
Download Take Charge of Your Music Career
Tizone Street
Warren G
Recording Connection Goes Backstage at The Grammys!
Refund Policy for Wisconsin Students
Hans Zimmer
LESSON 1: Electronic Music History
LESSON 2: Fundamentals I: Sound and Hearing
LESSON 3: Fundamentals II: Analog vs Digital
LESSON 4: Logic Install and Introduction
LESSON 5: Music Fundamentals
LESSON 6: Composition and Song Structure
LESSON 7: Midi and Virtual Instruments
LESSON 8: Synthesis
LESSON 9: Virtual Drums
LESSON 10: Samplers
LESSON 11: MIDI Effects
LESSON 12: Flex Time and Pitch
LESSON 13: Microphones and Tracking Techniques
LESSON 14: Equalization and Dynamic Processing
LESSON 15: Effects Processing
LESSON 16: Mixing and Automation
LESSON 17: Mastering
LESSON 18: Advanced Synthesis
LESSON 19: Advanced Sampling
LESSON 20: Getting Your Music Heard and Final Exam
Lesson 1 – What is Hip Hop?
Lesson 2 – Sound and Hearing
Lesson 3 – Analog vs. Digital
Lesson 5 – Music Fundamentals 1
Lesson 6 – Music Fundamentals 2
Lesson 10 – Song Analysis
Lesson 9 – Form
Lesson 8 – Elements of Style
Lesson 11 – MIDI
Lesson 12 – Drums
Lesson 13 – Midterm
Lesson 14 – The Bass
Lesson 15 – Sampling
Lesson 16 – Melody
Lesson 17 – Harmony
Lesson 16 – Equalization and Dynamic Processing
Lesson 19 – Effects Processing
Lesson 20 – Mixing
Lesson 21 – Mastering
Lesson 22 – Performance Rights Organizations and Publishing
Recording Connection CEO James Petulla On Larry King
NHL Hockey Star Mika Zibanejad is a Student at the Recording Connection.
Pensado’s Place Mashup
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Recording Connection
Dub Step
Trance Music Production Course
Drum and Bass
DownTempo / Trip Hop
Video Game Music Course
Breakbeat / Acid House
Synth-Pop / New Wave
Dub / Dub Fusion
Nu Jazz Music Production Course
Ibiza Trance
Psytrance Music Production
Ableton Live Course Curriculum
The Best Approach to Making a Demo Recording
Choosing Among the Best Audio Engineering Schools-A Guide
How To Be In Demand As an Audio Engineer
Student Consumer Information
Finding the Right Mentor: A Guide
Mission Statement of RRFC
Live DJ Lesson 1 – Getting Started
Live DJ Lesson 2 – Core Concepts
Live DJ Lesson 3 – Audio in Live
Live DJ Lesson 4 – MIDI in Live
Live DJ Lesson 5 – Browsers, Instrument and FX Devices, & File Management
Live DJ Lesson 6 – Integrating Features Into a Workflow
Live DJ Lesson 7 – Workflow Enhancements
Live DJ Lesson 8 – Effects Processing in Live
Live DJ Lesson 9 – Arranging and Mixing Techniques
Live DJ Lesson 10 – Sound Design & Sampling in Live
Live DJ Lesson 11 – Sound Design & Synthesis in Live
Live DJ Lesson 12 – Instrument & FX Racks
Live DJ Lesson 13 – Project Completion
Live DJ Lesson 14 – Live 9 Features I
Live DJ Lesson 15 – Live 9 Features II
Live DJ Lesson 16 – Basic Max for Live Devices I
Live DJ Lesson 17 – Basic Max for Live Devices II
Live DJ Lesson 18 – Expanded Macros & External Devices
Live DJ Lesson 19 – Live on Stage
Live DJ Lesson 20 – Final
Live DJ Lesson 21 – Ableton Push
Live Sound Lesson 1 – Safety and Operations
Live Sound Lesson 2 – Sound and Hearing
Live Sound Lesson 3 – Basic Electronics
Live Sound Lesson 4 – Digital Audio
Live Sound Lesson 5 – Pro Tools
Live Sound Lesson 6 – Connectivity
Live Sound Lesson 7 – Microphones
Live Sound Lesson 8 – Basic Miking Considerations
Live Sound Lesson 9 – Monitors
Live Sound Lesson 10 – Dynamic Signal Processing
Live Sound Lesson 11 – Equalization
Meet the Team
Your Own Music
Ayaz Ismail, Dallas, TX
Nacor Zuluaga, New York, NY
Alex Arnold, Philadelphia, PA
One-on-One Learning with The Recording Connection
Taylor Crommie, Los Angeles, CA
John Curtis, Nashville, TN
Thomas Dante, Houston, TX
The Music Our Students Make
VIP Pass
Sebastian Lefeld, Orlando, FL
Jacob Keithley, Corpus Christi, TX
The Recording Connection Builds Entrepreneurs
Recording Connection graduate Garrett Pace: HIRED!
Full Article: RRFC Embarks on New Strategic Business & Marketing Plan For Ongoing Growth in 2015 and Beyond
Full Article: Recording Connection Unveils New Ableton Live Courses
Ableton Live Electronic Music Program
Jake Kiyokane, Los Angeles, CA
Mike Messina, New York, NY
Introduction: Getting Started
Course #1: Core Concepts
Course #2: Audio Clips in Detail
Course #3: Recording and Editing MIDI
Course #4: Live Mixer & Signal Flow
Course #5: Completion 101
Course #6: The Rhythm Section
Course #7: Melody
Course #8: Harmony
Course #9: Composition and Instrumentation
Course #10: From Session to Arrangement
Course #11: Finalizing Compositions
Course #12: Audio Processing
Course #13: Subtractive Synthesis
Course #14: Operator and AAS Instruments
Course #15: Recording Audio for Sound Design
Course #16: Sampling
Course #17: Impulse and Drum Racks
Course #18: Sound and Hearing
Course #19: Audio Recording 201
Course #20: Arrangement View Recording Workflows
Course #21: Editing 201
Course #22: Finishing Tracks
Course #23: Mix 101
Course #24: Export and Faux Mastering
Course #25: Advanced Techniques
Course #26: Max for Live
Course #27: Expert Tips & Intermediate Audio Effects
Course #28: Instrument and Effect Racks
Course #29: Drum Racks
Course #30: Live with Live
Welcome to Your Recording Connection Campus
Clever Empire, Los Angeles, CA
Devin Zorn, Dallas, TX
Lindsey Kappa, Austin, TX
Press Room
Frequently Asked Questions
Chris Litwin, New Haven, CT
Charles Huston, Chicago, IL
Eric Gonzalez, Los Angeles, CA
Become a Mentor
Orlando Gomez, El Paso, TX
Heather Crawford, Los Angeles, CA
Chingas Kemps, Nashville, TN
Coke Youngblood, Los Angeles, CA
Jordan Robertson, Baton Rouge, LA
Jones Nelson, Nashville, TN
Dez Ward, Dallas, TX
James Petulla – Brian Kraft Get Connected Grant
Learn How to Apply
Csaba Petocz Master Class
Tennessee Consumer Disclosures
Payment Terms
Solutions Based Education
Tennessee Program Tuition
Payment Terms
Partner with us and Pay it Forward
Scholarships & Grants
Who uses Ableton?
What is a Sound Engineering Technician and How Do I Become One?
What are digital audio workstations (DAW)?
Csaba Petocz Grant
Covid-19 Update: RRFC is open & Online Learning is available.
We Stand Against Racism
Apply Today
Apply Climb
A Real Online Music Production School
Meet Your Mentor
Illinois Consumer Disclosures
Apply Today Music Business
Lesson 4 – The DAW
Lesson 7 – Producer Considerations & Arranging
Lesson 23 – Agreements
Lesson 24 – Final Exam
Course 1 – The Role of a Producer
Course 2 – The DAW
Course 3 – Music Fundamentals 1
Course 4 – Music Fundamentals 2
Course 5 – Harmony
Course 6 – Form
Course 7 – Songwriting
Course 8 – Producer Considerations and Arranging
Course 9 – MIDI
Course 10 – Drums
Course 11 – The Bass
Course 12 – Midterm Exam
Course 13 – Scratch Tracks and Demos
Course 14 – Planning a Project
Course 15 – Error Analysis
Course 16 – Session Players
Course 17 – Instrumental Overdubs
Course 18 – Vocals
Course 19 – Agreements
Course 20 – Final Exam
Artist & Producer in Ableton Live
Course #1: Your Production Map for the Future
Course #2: Beats
Course #3: Bass
Course #4: Studio Preparation
Course #5: Studio Recording
Course #6: Fleshing Out the Arrangement
Course #7: Mixdown
Course #8: Online Content Creation
Course #9: Music Video Creation
Course #10: Remixing 101
Course #11: Employment Training Bootcamp, Part I
Course #12: Collecting Graphics and Intro to Effects
Course #13: Workflows
Course #14: Virtual Synths
Course #15: Sampling for Effect
Course #16: Sampling for Percussion
Course #17: Sampling Programming & Editing
Course #18: Returning to Your Vision
Course #19: Vocal Editing 2
Course #20: Song 2 Mixdown
Course #21: Self-Documentation
Course #22: Employment Training Bootcamp, Part II
Creator Pro


RRFEDU Warns against Quagmire of Student Loan Debt, Champions Middle Skill Level Jobs
Mix Online Magazine Asks How We Do It
Music Connection – Close Up: Recording Connection
Sonic State Magazine Features Learn From Legends
Recording Connection Joins 18th Annual AudioMasters Benefit Golf Tournament to Support Nashville Engineer Relief Fund
Golfing for Education in the Arts! RRFC Co-Sponsors 2015 Recording Industry Golf Tournament™ in Los Angeles!
The Recording Connection/RRF Proud Sponsor of the Pensado Awards 2014
Recording Connection Unveils New Ableton Live Courses
Recording Connection Co-Sponsors the 57th GRAMMY® Awards P&E Wing Event
Interview with Recording Connection Mentor Chris Sheldon
Recording Connection Taps United (Mix Magazine)
Recording Connection Mentor Don Zientara Featured in Foo Fighters’ Sonic Highways on HBO
Interview with Tim Palmer, Producer for Ozzy, U2, Pearl Jam, The Cure
Recording Radio and Film Connection Teams Up with Transcendental Music
Recording Connection Audio School Alternative Now Accepting Students Throughout Canada
Learn Microphone Types and Placement Hands On
Learn One on One With Your Mentor
RRF Supports Joel Schumacher and the Endometriosis Foundation of America
Recording and Film Connection Help Ex Gang Member Get a Second Chance
Recording Connection Partners with TV’s Judge Mathis
Recording Connection and the Grammy Awards Partner Up
RRF Gives Away Full Scholarship to School Teacher James Dority
The Electronic Music Production Program To Start in 2013
Graduate Peter Rodriguez works with Hip Hop Artist Hunter O’Neil
Recording Connection Donates to the Vidiots Foundation
Recording Connection partners with Actor, Producer and Director Sean Penn to Donate Charitable Aid
Recording Connection and ICM Announce Partnership
Recording Connection and Mel Gibson Make Charitable Donations to Mending Kids International
Recording Connection and Adam Levine Aid Victims of Hurricane Sandy
Recording Connection Announces Partnership with Scott Ian of Anthrax
Nicolas Chartier and RRF Donate to the Noreen Fraser Foundation
Bryan Adams and RRF Partner in Support of Justice for Human Rights
RRF and Grant Heslov Support Children Mending Hearts
William Morris Endeavor
Recording Connection Partners with Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue
Interview with Andrew Kirk: Recording Connection Honors Graduate
Juma Spears Graduates Recording Connection with Connections
Ben Eklund Describes the Qualities that Helped Succeed After Graduation
Anthony Opher Discusses His Experience with the Recording Connection
Guitar Center Supplies Recording Connection Students with Hardware and Software
Recording Connection Announces Partnership with Dean Hurley
Recording Connection Partners with The David Lynch Foundation
Why Anthony Alvarez Chose the Recording Connection
Shoneen Stenftanegal Explains Why She Chose the Recording Connection
Student Explains How to Get the Most out of Our Program
Thomas Gentil of the Seattle Recording Connection Plans to Run his Own Studio After Graduating
Todd Talbot Discusses his Goals After Graduation
Student Darlene Perch works with her mentor to achieve her goal of becomming a Music Producer
How Student Rachael Kylie Makes the Most of Her Talents and Opportunities
Q&A with Recording Connection Student Lilly Carey
Recording Connection Audio School Alternative Now Accepting Students Throughout Canada
Bryan Ray, Recording Connection Student of the Month for January, 2012
The Recording Connection Moves to World Famous Los Angeles Center Studios


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