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Shoneen Stenftanegal Explains Why She Chose the Recording Connection

While most colleges are forcing students to relocate for an education the Recording Connection takes pride in offering or program in small towns across America. By learning from professionals, creating works of art in an honest setting our members are taping into a potential they might not have known existed… while keeping the shared identify our hometowns offer “us”!

Shoneen Stenftenagel of Saint Anthony, IN (60 miles west of Louisville, KY) is one of many students taking advantage of our connivence. Here part of her story, told in her own words:

“Ever since I was very small I was always a camera hog and always wanting to sing songs to my family. I always used to take books and direct them into movie skits and stuff like that. So theater, acting, singing, anything creative I&#8217;ve always loved it. I always had this drive and it was instilled in me which is odd because I&#8217;m the only one in my family with a musical sense. As I got older I started working more with vocals and vocal lessons, for about five years straight and it was mostly classical and a little bit of opera I got into and then musicals and theater. I did all of that in high school and played a little bit of guitar, I am learning the piano now at a monastery so I always had music in my life. I got my GED when I was a freshman after my mom passed away and I was<br /> originally going to Vancouver for an acting school. A month before I started, I found out I was pregnant so I took a year off.&#8221;</p> <p>&#8220;After I had my son I took off a year to dedicate to him then I felt very depressed and felt something was missing in my life and began thinking to myself “What was it?”. I was<br /> like, &#8216;You&#8217;re not in music or any kind of theater.'&#8221;</p> <p>&#8220;It wasn&#8217;t until I spoke with my friend&#8217;s father about it, he was actually going to join the Recording Connection for the same thing because weʼre both interested in music and he really got me into the Dubstep side and a lot more of the electronic genres. That&#8217;s more of what I had in my head, so I was like, &#8216;How can I use this, how can I get this music out of my head?&#8217; &#8230; So I became interested, obviously and read more about it, talked to the Recording Connection and asked what they offered and it added up to what I was looking for, so here I am.&#8221;</p> <h4 style="text-align: right;">&#8212; Shoneen Stenftenagel, Saint Anthony, IN</h4> <p><strong><a href="/success-stories/shoneen">Read More from Shoneen Stenftenagel</a></strong><br /> &nbsp;</p> </div>

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